Foolish Mankind! Picture

I will often criticize religious groups for their stubbornness; blindly adhering to beliefs which are solely based on their imperfect interpretation of ancient fairytales and half-truths, but I also will vigorously criticize those so-called "rational-minded" individuals who stubbornly place their faith in science as if it had all the answers, for these people are just as problematic and misguided as those of overzealous religious faith.

Something to always remember about science is that the term applies to only what man has come to understand in its short time upon this sphere, and since man's perception is limited, what man is able to perceive through scientific study is also limited. In short, no matter how schooled you may be in scientific study there is still much of this world and the worlds beyond this world to which you are ignorant of. My biggest problem with members of the scientific community and its devoted disciples is that some use their boasted knowledge to close their minds to all alternate possibilities and viewpoints. A scientist with a closed mind is a very poor scientist indeed, for the true goal of a scientist should not simply be to define and categorize the world, but to explore all possibilities and question what is established and accepted by the majority as the norm, and of course this goal can only truly be achieved when the mind is both open and wise. There have been many times throughout the course of Human History when what was thought to be scientific fact turned out to be mistaken or partial inaccurate. Science has never truly been able to explain such abstract concepts like love and all the vast complexities which are inherit to that emotion. It has yet to truly explain the source and complexity of imagination, creativity, art, and humor, or dreams, desire, and ambitions. These are all things that science (at least as man understands it) cannot completely explain.

It is best to keep things always in perspective. After all is said and done, you are not more than a talking monkey upon a ball of dirt and rock at the edge of a galaxy of solar systems and stars floating through a endless sea of darkness to which life, death, and existence itself is still not more than a mystery and shall likely remain such for the potentiality is good that humankind will not see the end of this planet's lifespan. The quote from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" says it best, "There is more to the heavens and the Earth than is dreamt of in your philosophy." Simply put, don't think you have all the answers to life's mysteries just cause you stick your nose in a science book, and quote Einstein. Heck, even Einstein was also something of a philosopher!
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