Inktober 7 - 9 Picture

Hmmm... I may never catch up at this rate. C'est la vie. Here's the next batch of doodles for Inktober.

Here we have:
The Question - after doing a toon Question for Scribblenauts, I really wanted to draw the actual Question. Because Vic Sage is awesome and deserves a place in my sketchbook! lol Persective fail.
Companion Cube- Because the current Doodle United theme is Portal. Killed two companion cubes with one incinerator by drawing it in ink.
Comic book Loki - Because comic book Loki deserves some love, too! I can't think of any other villain who can rock such ridiculous headgear while maintaining his intimidation factor. Well, except for Movie Loki.

Also featuring Chess Pawn Thor.

Characters to their respective franchises, of course.
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