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Okay, a friend is bullying me into trying to do VOID... I'm agreeing. It will get me to draw more. Motivation. Whatever. I've avoided the forums there, so far, save to lurk mostly because I have no interest in having anyone tell me to change Kotori as a character... Tips and hints about the art, sure. (Like a friend pointing out that I don't have the eyes right on this one. Which I appriciate. It's making me be far more careful with the new stuff.) But Kotori has been my character for years. She's fully fleshed out to me and listening to people who think they know better about the world and dynamic I created for her... well, I frankly don't give a damn.
But it's all good. The friend who is poking me into doing it says I'll be fine. I'm sure it will be. I threw together a 'character sheet' for Kotori and amused myself with a 'battle costume' here. Not that she would restrict herself to it or only show up in the VOID city in just that. I, and she, are just having fun. Heheh. So, anyway... yeah. There's one place I see a misspelling and it's already driving me nuts but... what can ya do? No one is perfect. Meh.

EDIT: Putting her bio information from VOID here. Just so people who actually WANT to read it, can.

Name: Kotori Ky LaDiablo
Species: Daemonar
Race: Succubi/Unknown (Half-breed)
Title: Lover of Ice
Age: Around 627
Hair: Golden blonde
Eyes: Crimson Red
Likes: Amatheon, Daimer, fudge, spiders, music
Dislikes: Humans, Dracien, her father, her unknown mother, bitter food
Element: Cold/Ice
NPC Companion: Daimer

Abilities: Kotori, as a Succubus, has the racial abilities to drain energy from those she touches. Being half-blooded has limited this power slightly, and she usually has to kiss her target to drain a noticeable amount. Her personal power, which earned her the title 'Lover of Ice', is that of cold. At a touch from any part of her body, she can immediately lower the temperature of her target until she is satisfied, and control the movement of ice when it is around her. Her nails are incredible strong, able to score completely through metal without breaking. It is considered unwise to get within reach of an enraged Daemonar for this very reason. She also is one of the few Succubi to have a Spider-Sting, a small stinger that resides under the nail of her left ring finger and is attached to a tiny venom sac at the base of the nail. The venom is very potent and incredible painful, and serves as a Succubus' last line of defense if attacked. The venom takes several days to refill after being used. Aside from this, Kotori is only slightly stronger than a human as well as slightly faster, but not by too terribly much. When pressed, she can summon her wings to escape as required. After 600 years, she has learned a bit of martial arts and blade-play, but prefers to let her powers control the situation.

History: Kotori is a member of the most powerful House in the Dark Court, House LaDiablo. Born a bastard to an unknown female, she was abandoned as a newborn and raised in a human family as a servant until her powers awakened, killing the entire household, when the master of the family tried to rape her when she was 13. Found and taken in by a Daemonar, an Incubi-ranked lord named Amatheon Aeon LaDiablo, the Lover of Steel, he nurtured her abilities and brought her into her full Daemonar power when she was 18. It wasn't until she was 50 years old that she was brought into the Dark Court and the patriarch of the House summoned her to meet with him, there acknowledging her as his own child and granting her the full name of LaDiablo, thus making Amatheon her far-older half-brother. The pair continued to be a major power in the courts, often playing off each other to set perfect, vicious, and usually bloody traps for their enemies. When Kotori was 100, she vanished for a full year, only to return accompanied by the mysterious Sylphan warrior, Daimer. Since this time, she has been completely and utterly obsessed with discovering who her birth mother is. Unfortunately for her, a strange, powerful Seal exists within her blood, making it utterly impossible for magical spells or scientific experiments to discover what species she is. While she is sure her father, the Lover of Shadows, knows what she wants, she also knows far better than to ask him. If he had wanted to tell her, he would have the one time she came face to face with him. At this point, Kotori began to look for ways to get to other realms and worlds to discover some way of breaking the Seal. After over 500 years, it has risen to the central obsession that drives her.


World Notes: The world, Baeldia, is a magic based world with multiple races, including Human, Daemonar, Dracien, and Sylphan. The majority of the known world is controlled by the Daemonar, who rule all the Humans in their territories and are fierce enemies of the Dracien, the other dominant race. Basically, humans are on the bottom of the heap. The Daemonar are split into 3 main races, the Incubi/Succubi-highest ranking rulers of the Dark Court, the Lukivai-middle ranking servants of the Dark Court, and the Vandurai-lowest ranking soldiers of the Dark Court. Dracien are massive reptilian creatures with arrogant opinions that any other race is lesser than they and should only be happy to serve them in whatever fashion they desire. While they consider the Dark Court of the Daemonar to be a hedonistic display of bloody and violent beasts pretending to be civilized, their own monarchy-based society is actually less defined and not as remotely corrdinated or controlled. Humans, knowing that they are actually given a much better chance at a decent and prosperous life in the lands of the Daemonar, avoid the Dracien lands unless given no other choice.

Daemonar Blood and Drainers: The one thing that keeps the Daemonar from ever embracing the humans as true members of their society is the fact that the Daemonar's blood affects other races, most especially humans, in a particular fashion. A small amount of blood, if drunk, can temporarily relieve symptoms of illness, heal minor wounds, increase one's appearance and sexual attraction. A larger amount of blood will include an increase in speed, strength, and awarness as well. This created the case of Drainers, those willing to risk their lives to try and kill a Daemonar for their blood. If they failed, the Daemonar would not hesitate to destroy an entire human city just to destroy those foolish enough to attempt it. Daemonar are not affected by their own blood in this way.

Succubi/Incubi: While they eat normal food and drink, these Daemonar must also feed off of particular forms of energy. For them, this is lust, love, sex, and desire. They keep small harems of lower-ranked Daemonar and humans to use in this manner, but can only really feed off of non-Daemonar, as their own race lacks the natural means to create the energy in question. (Most Succubi/Incubi treat these harems incredibly well and it is considered a very good deal to be asked to join one.) As long as the Succubi does not continually feed off of one particular being night after night after night, this does not harm the other and, in most cases, just cause them to be slightly more tired than usual. Since they are not 'demons' or mythological creatures of Earth, they do not have any affect on the 'Soul'.

Lukivai: Similar to the Succubi/Incubi, these Daemonar are more violent and tend to lose control of their emotions and tempers when pushed. They, like the previous race, eat normal food and feed off of emotional energies. Their diet includes pain, fear, and hatred. (NOTE: Daemonar cross breeding, that between the ranks, is extremely forbidden. The mixing of abilities and types of energy the mixed breeds would need/want considered too dangerous and harmful to the humans they are allied with. Any mix-ranked children are usually killed the moment they are born or discovered. The idea of a 1st rank/2nd rank mix is the most undesirable, because they tend to appear with all of the looks and flair of the 1st rank, but desire both pain and pleasure... the type of sadist that ends with killing and true torture.)

Vandurai: These Daemonar are the least cultured and sophisticated of the race. While the other two are very similar to humans in appearance, the Vandurai range from hulking monsters to slender human shapes, but will always have very sharp teeth. They are flesh-eaters, and ensure that there is very little clean-up to be done if the Daemonar ever go to war. They are kept on a very short leash by the higher-ranked Daemonar.

Daemonar Titles: All Daemonar are born with specific abilities linking them to an element. This can range from being able to call a person's blood out of even the smallest scratch on their body to being able to shape and control wood. If one is strong enough in this power, they can stand before the Dark Courts and duel for the honor of gaining the title 'Lover of'. If the one able to call blood where to win the duel, they could become known as 'Lover of Blood'.

Sylphan: The most mysterious of the races. It is believed that the Sylphans are the oldest of all races, but since they rarely talk at all, no one is completely sure. They are generally very tall and muscular, their skin ranging in all colors. They dress simply, usually in ulitarian clothing, and are frighteningly strong warriors. They have been a thorn in the Daemonar's side due to their racial ability; an immunity to any magic that they come in contact with, both positive and negative, and their body's ability to regenerate from almost any physical injury. The only exception to this is the mask they wear. No Sylphan has ever been seen without a mask completely covering their faces. Rumor has it that if the mask is removed, the Sylphan will simply cease to exist.

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