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For about a month now, I've had these two Mansters in my head And while I have a good idea of who they are and what they are like-- I find myself stuck on what their style is. SO I thought maybe I'd post their faces and their bios and see if anybody had any thoughts on what direction I should take their fashion:

The character on the left is a Matagot. They are a mythical cat from French folk lore. The legend about them is that they will bring their owner great wealth, however, a person cannot keep them their entire life or they will cause their owner to have a painful and tormenting death. There's an alternate version of this legend where Matagots are actually demon cats that persecuted Christians and killed/ate them. I'm going with the wealth legend.

Lionel Chat, Son of a Matagot
17 years old

Freaky Flaw: 'Ou might non zink it is a flaw, but I'ave extreme luck in ze money department. So much so zat money seems to randomly appear w'erever I'ave been. Zis tends to bring in a lot of 'friends' who are just 'oping my money magic rubs off on them...
Favorite Color: Country White
Pet Peeve: People mistaking me for a werecat.
Favorite Food: Chicken. Plump, tender and juicy.
Favorite Activity: Wondering ze streets to see what is 'appening about town.
Favorite Subject: Economics. If zere is one zing I know, it is money.
Least Favorite Subject: Anglais. It is not zat I do not understand. It is zat during or'el presentations, no one understands me.

The character on the right is a Cait Sith (Sidhe). A feline from Celtic mythology. They are known as fairy cats, or more accurately a witch that has been transformed/transformed herself into a cat.

Kell Sidhe, Son of a Cait Sith
15 years old
Freaky Flaw: I tend to jump to conclusions and perhaps, judge others a bit too harshly. But its a cat eat cat world, I just want the upper hand in sizing up my opponent.
Favorite Color: I'm pretty keen on Kelly Green.
Pet Peeve: Other Monsters thinking my 'flaw' is that I'm not into ghouls. THEY can get over themselves.
Favorite Food: Mice. The candy kind. Especially dipped in chocolate.
Favorite Activity: Finding a high place to sit and watch everyone.
Favorite Subject: Physical Deaducation. I've got lots of energy to burn- in small random burst here and there.
Least Favorite Subject: Dead Languages. I mean, there IS a reason we consider them dead. Lets leave it that way.

So that's what has been buzzing around in my head. At most I think of Kell leaning more towards a preppy look. But I'm kind of at a lost really. Any ideas?
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