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Edit:i decided to remove all the elements behind the photograph, because......well, it sucked and is. quite frankly, embarassing. i generally don't like this image becuase i just don't like working with photos, but i will post it here just for the sake of posting....besides, if thousands of deviants can submit millions of images furries, anime fanart, Lord of the Rings images, and pictures of their pets and/or family, surely i can submit this shit.

Original Description:i was rushed on this one. It was an assignment for class and i barely made it by turning it in about 5 minutes before it was due.
Looking at it, you can tell that i suck at photos and the manipulation them. Also, everything was placed haphhazardly and randomly, without having any relation to anything else. The pictures don't blend well and look out of place in terms of contrast and colour.....or just look out of place, period.

Now, i'm going to explain some things about this thing...

"ich bin der ubermensch": Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche came up with the idea of the Ubermensch in his book "Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spake Zarathustra)" which pretty much means "Overhuman". There are steps to achieve this state of supremacy, which are 1)By his will to destruction. 2) By his re-evaluating or destroying old ideals (one being denying the biggest lie of all-the exixtance of God). 3)by overcoming Nihilism. (German translation help provided by
Multiple arms: i took this idea from Hindu myth in which the gods are portrayed with multiple arms.

Gas masks:Gas masks are cool. Not the shitty ones they make today, though.

Nimbus: Used in religious images to portray holyness or enlightenment.

Thanatos is the greek god of death (Known as Mors in the Roman versions). He doesn't appear much in the myths, because he was always overshadowed by Hades, god of the underworld. But i didn't take the name based on Mythology, i got the title from Freudian theory. Thanatos is the inherent will to destroy one's self, an antonym to Eros.

FYI: i was going to name this Distado, after another esoteric psychological condition. Distrado is the opposite of the libido (will to create), so that would make distrado the will to destroy.

You learn something new everyday.
Oh, and if anybody has any corrections to anything said in my description, send them to me.
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