In His Dominion Picture

I really love Hades. If I had to pick a favorite Greek god, he'd take the whole damn cake. People always assume he's evil (in part because of that Disney movie where he's blue with fire coming out of his head and he wants to take over the world) because he lives in the Underworld. In my opinion, he is the Lord of the Dead. Not the God of Death, as some would think, but their keeper. He gives them a place to go after they die, because without an underworld those who have died would be forced to wander the earth for all eternity. Ick.
Also, if there were no God of the Dead, there wouldn't be death. Without death, every single life would be worthless, because why even bother making a difference if you have to live for millions and millions of years? The thing that makes humanity so important is out ability to make so much out of such a short time on earth. Without the threat of death, relationships would never be forged. It doesn't matter how long you spend with a person, knowing that you have forever to see them again. We would all be like fucking Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

So, this piece is something I've been picking at for a few weeks. I started it at the beginning of October, I think. I found the perfect piece of stock, and this whole world just started building. I'm actually very proud of the room itself, because I totally made the walls and floor myself. I used textures and changed them up to have shadows and look all 3D-ish. YAY PHOTOSHOP!

Hades: [link] by ~Narcostock, a great piece to work with!
Persephone: [link] by *PhoeebStock, just gorgeous, go see for yourself!
Throne: [link] by ~TOTGStock, so gorgeous and awesome!
Ghostie: [link] originally by ~EleuteraStock
Walls: [link] by ~ALiceFaux, so easy to work with!
Ground: [link] by `thespook, which added the perfect touch!
Window: [link] by =Cat-in-the-Stock, it's famous for a reason!
Sky: [link] by ~CatStock, such great color!
Sign: [link] by *OsorrisStock, the finishing touch!
Texture 1: [link] by ~xxfftlxx, another great touch!
Texture 2: [link] by ~struckdumb, which is just amazing!
Statues and Platform by *Peace-of-Art
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