SHP Classic Heroes 70's to 92 Picture

Some of the SUper Heroes from my SHP (Super Hero Project) all made on Hero Machien [link]

I plan to do some more but the project is mostly a writing project.

------------------THE HEROES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT----------------------------------

Super Name: Polevolt
Alter Ego: Alice Tamara
Alter Ego Profession: professional athlete
Powers: None, she has great athletic abilities
BIO: in 1980, Alice was a collage student trying out sports to get into the Olympics. But the sudden rise in Masked adventurers gave Alice the idea of creating a Super Heroin mascot for the girl sports teams at her collage. Before she could show off her idea, a few girls at her university had gained super abilities and began to wreak havock. Alice chose to dawn her super persona to try and save lives.
And it had worked, not only did she stop the rampage but she eve saved the life of her future husband. Since then POLEVOLT has been a Super hero to remember.
Fate: in 1989 Alice became pregnant with her first child and gave up life as a hero to rise her child.

Super Name: Hawk
Alter Ego: Thomas Renaldo
Alter Ego Profession: Businessman
Powers: None, High intelligence , and knowledge in gadgetry
BIO: In 1979 Thomas Renaldo was on the board of directors of a mega million dollar company Computer. One day criminals took one of the floors and working quickly Thomas created a device that helped captured one of the criminals, sadly 3 other people including his best friend perished in the robbery. Thomas dedicated his life to fighting crime, first by helping fund the police force, second by using his own gadgets and inventions to become the superhero HAWK
Fate: In 1992 Thomas gave up life as a masked adventurer due to growing concern from the government over super human rights.

Super Name: Prof. Ghost
Alter Ego: Nathan Croswell
Alter Ego Profession: Collage Professor
Powers: None really, he has some Advanced knowledge of ancient cutlers and mythological beings, plus some skills in magic.
BIO: Professor Nathan Croswell became the masked hero Prof. Ghost When a young girl who attended his class was killed in a cult murder in 1978. Using his knowledge he discovered the identities of the whole cult and turned them over to the place after a brief struggle with the cult leader. HE trained himself to become a better crime fighter.
Fate: in 1990 Prof. Ghost was forced to hang up his cape due to religious tensions between himself and the United States government.

Super Name: Ace of Spades
Alter Ego: Rex Morgan
Alter Ego Profession: Police Detective, Gambler
Powers: None, he's just really athletic, strong, and is street smart, and can throw a knife pretty well.
BIO: In 1979 Rex Morgan was just an average Detective working in San who loved to play Blackjack until he discovered some crooked dealing inside his police department, his commissioner had him thrown into a building meant to be condemned and sealed him inside a room via concrete.
Feeling hopeless Rex pleaded with god that if he helped him get out he would dedicate his life to fighting street crime. And as luck would have it at that moment one of Rex's playing cards the Ace of Spades, fell out of his pocket. Working quickly Rex created a small Card sized slot into the wet cement to prevent himself from losing air.
Luck struck again as a passing construction worker saw the card exit the other side and helped free Rex. Deciding to keep up with his commitment, Rex chose to become a costumed vigilante and made a costume to represent his favorite Card, The ACE OF SPADES
Fate: In 1992 Rex gave up life as a masked adventurer due to growing concern from the government over super human rights

Super Name: Skyhigh
Alter Ego: Jake Turner
Alter Ego Profession: Limo Driver (Retired Military Intelligence)
Powers: None (Access to Military Technology, Expert Shot, and Piloting knowledge, Engineering expert)
BIO: In 1972 Jake Turner was a Sergeant in the US military and was one of many who helped guard Area 51, the United States greatest weapon test center. One night after ending his sift, a scientist asked him to dispose of an experiment Black Project Jet Pack that ran off of any form of liquid, and two experimental solar power Phase guns. Rather then throw it away, Jake “Borrowed” the equipment to see if he could fix it and get it to work. A few months later Jake was reassigned to the west Coast where he later retired.
Then one night in 1978, he discovered the equipment in one of his boxes that he had packed stuff away in. After taking a quick look at it, he discovered that with some minor alterations, he could power the jet pack and get it to work (The problem turned out to be some poor wiring in both the Jetpack and the guns).Realizing he could not return the equipment without getting into major trouble, He chose to use the equipment for the betterment of man kind by becoming a Masked adventure known as SKYHIGH.
Fate: In 1992 Jake gave up life as a masked adventurer due to growing concern from the government over super human rights.

Super Name: Gray Specter
Alter Ego: Sam Carter
Alter Ego Profession: Mechanic
Powers: None, flawless aim and knowledge of silent infiltration
BIO: Sam Carter was a local mechanic in Steel City in the year of 1977. He was asked to work on a car by a local politician. After fixing up the vehicle and cleaning it Sam learned the car had supposedly had something to do with a hit and run of a woman and her young daughter. Greatly angered Sam took the law into his owns hands, the politician was discovered days later on the steps of the police office, along with a truck load of evidence that he killed the family. A few days later Sam’s Shop was burned down by the local mob, with Sam nowhere to be found. Sam Survived but his face badly burned, he took on a hero persona known as the GRAY SPECTER to continue putting things right without unnecessarily risking his life.
Fate: The Gray Specter was killed in 1987 during an attempt to capture the Mafia of Steel City. Of the 200 members only 13 got away.

Super Name: Arrow Girl
Alter Ego: Jenny Shiner
Alter Ego Profession: Wildlife Ranger
Powers: None, Flawless Aim
BIO: Growing up on the edge of the forest outside Steel City, Jenny never imagined that the forest would hide an illegal drug trade. In 1969 both her parents were murdered after they discovered it. So Jenny attempted to enter the police force in 1979. Sadly it was no good. Instead she took on a super persona known as ARROW GIRL. And used her skills in archery to fight crime and help bring down the drug trade.
Fate: In 1992 Jenny gave up life as a masked adventurer due to growing concern from the government over super human rights.
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