Lori Chan Reference Picture

:Edit: took me long enough to finish this. due to being in all 3 series and the fact that she is my most dynamic character, continually changing throughout all 3 series, her bio was rather difficult to write up.

Character name:

Lori "lori-chan" Brellin

Character age:

10 in series 1, 10-14 in the 2nd series and 18-22 in the next generation.

Visual age:

looks about her age in series 1, in series 2 despite aging up to 14 years she continues to look about 10. in the next generation she is often mistaken as being in the early teens.


as my most dynamic character, lori-chan's personality varies quite a lot from series to series. in the 1st series she is very pure, very kind hearted, full of curiosity and always eager to lend a helping hand. she is constantly struggling with depression but puts on a smile so as not to worry anyone. she tends to do anything she can to make people smile, because she feels that if their smiling she can too. as the series progresses however she becomes happier and her smiles become less fake. she tends to be a bit of a nuisance to others, and when in public acts rather bubbly and goofy, many find this to be the real her, all there is to her but in reality this is merely a facade to mask her fears, uncertainties and to attempt to make people smile. she is actually rather intelligent though she often masks this.

in the second series she appears to have regressed and becomes more childlike, more dependent on others particularly Onica whom she adores. she develops the habit of running from her problems by pretending they don't exist, to the point where she can actually convince herself they don't. some things depress her so much, or she fears them so much that she will completely forget them, as if they never happens. she becomes a bit of a brat and often does her best to cause trouble. she starts using her youthful appearance to get things from others or to trick people, something that she begins to use more and more as the series goes on. she tends to act out in order to forget her problems, just smiles aren't enough for her anymore. her view on life is twisted and while she wants to continue to believe there's good in everyone, it gets more and more difficult as the season progresses.

by the next generation she has become rather sadistic when it comes to battle, and she has become a rather untrusting person. people have to earn her respect for her to even treat them like a living being, and doing such is no small task. she starts taking all her depression, fears and anxiety and taking it all out on her opponents in battle. she has become extremely cunning, knows people, their fears, and their faults and is not afraid of using them against them. she stratagizes, and seems to constantly be plotting the downfall of others, she even develops a hobby of collecting materials to be used as blackmail. but not all is negative, when it comes to family or friends all the connections are extremely close. she has a very motherly side that comes out in the next generation, and even silver at times. she starts to believe her existence is futile and she exists as a solider and nothing else, but she is desperate for the close ties of friends and family and relies heavily on them to keep her from doing wrong or to keep her from falling under. however the older she gets the more prone she is to bouts childish, random,unpredictable, sporadic behavior, which can be terrifying considering she seems to start loosing her sanity by the next gen.

color associations:

Lori-Chan has always loved the color green, as a young child she also liked orange quite a bit, and as she gets older she becomes fonder of darker and darker shades of green. by the next gen she has had control over various elements that have gotten weaker over time, some fading entirely. her true element being energy, often taking the form of lightning, people are often surprised that shes not a big fan of orange or yellow. ("just because i'm a lightning user what makes you think that that would have anything to do at all with my favorite color? you dirty racists.") her wardrobe in the first series mainly consisted of light greens, with some darker shades, some white, some black and other colors that would occasionally pop up since her mother was still buying her clothes for her. in the 2nd series Lori-Chan added black and greys to her clothing and dropped white, while she still wears quite a bit of green, the shades of green that she wears get darker. by the next generation she decides she rather likes violet and yellow(as long as its contrasted against a dark-as-night black) black becomes the most common color in her wardrobe and there are no signs of light green in her wardrobe at all. however no matter which season for whatever reason people have almost always associated her with a jade green color.

odd facts:

her adoration for Onica can get a bit ridiculous. she practically worships her, she looks up to her, tries to be like her and will do ANYTHING Onica asks her to as quick as she can and will do anything to please her. as Onica's biggest fan this adoration can get rather creepy, she has been known to even growl at some people were they to get to close. Onica however finds it amusing and adores the attention. she has been known to say "you all wish you had a Lori-chan of your own". another odd fact is something that isn't exactly always brought up in the series but it is rather apparent that she seems to be extremely fond of long hair and blondes. those closest to her all have these properties, Onica has long blonde hair, silver was born blonde but his hair turned silver like when his powers began to surface, and his hair is rather long. Gina, is her best friend, and has long blonde hair. and then there is miles, Onica's boyfriend (and later husband) his hair is blonde, short but blonde, and Lori-chan had a bit of a kiddie crush on him when they first met. and of course there's Brent, silvers brother, Lori chan is rather fond of him and he does have long hair. the fact that she seems to be a big fan of blondes and long hair is something other characters seem to pick up on and at times tease her about. (silver is highly uncomfortable with the subject)


lori-chan loves animals and has a soft spot for kids. she enjoys causing trouble and playing pranks, she has a odd fondness for blondes and long hair. she is a huge fan of mythology, fairy tales, mythical creatures and the unknown. she also practically worships onica, and loves silver. starting from the 2nd series and continuing on into the next generation she starts enjoying science, construction (making simple little things like birdhouses and other things) mechanics, hacking, and programing. during the next generation she picks up sewing.


lori-chan is completely and utterly terrified of fish, she fears cows and chickens for some reason and while initially was terrified of ghosts, bones and skeletons she slowly gets over it during the second series (mainly due to the fact that bonez is hardly fear worthy). as the 2nd series goes on she starts harboring a deep hatred for her own kind (humans) and government officials of any kind. she hates when she sees things that were important to her change (places, objects, friends etc)


lori-chan has always collected odd things that she finds fascinating, voodoo dolls, lucky rabbit feet, ancient and foreign looking nicknacks, lochness monster/Bigfoot/alien/etc related paraphernalia. she collects books on mythology and and fairy tales and is well read on the subjects often dropping references to them into ordinary conversation. in the 2nd series she starts taking up hacking, building things out of wood and scraps of plastic and other things, building and inventing technologies (generally simple things, and often are finished only when onica helps out) she starts reading up on biology and science and as a hobby starts helping onica out with her misadventures in her lab. in the next generation these hobbies develop into creating and developing sentient robotics, building and designing furniture and other things. bio engineering and other things.


in series 1 lori-chan has powers over water and ice and a uncontrollable ability regarding energy, in the 2nd series she learns to control energy and can command the earth. in the next despite developing many abilities she tends to rely primarily on her energy control used in the form of lightning.


her fear of fish is a ever present problem throughout all the series and is something she never quite grows out of. but often her biggest problems is her abilities to be easily distracted and the fact shes very gullible, however both problems get better as the series goes on. her obsession with onica at times gets her in trouble, she can be so eager to please her that she will end up doing something stupid. in the next generation she starts to believe she exists mainly for battle and that her existence beyond that is meaningless and this way of thinking often causes her trouble.

other forms?:

as the reincarnation of karau the angel of change she also has a pair of wings that resemble lightning bolts, these come into play during the 2nd series and are retractable.


born on earth, it is her home throughout the firsts series, in the second she lives in Chosana and lives in Sineria during the next generation.


while starting out as a plain out heroine she starts to become more of a anti-heroine by the next generation she becomes borderline villainess.


in the second series she befriends a bunny-fox she names buddy and from then on it is her loyal pet (or snuggle buddy as she calls it at times)

Signature weapons?:

the staff of change: the weapon once wielded by the fallen angel karau, the angel of change. it consists of a brown metallic base, (made to look like its made of wood) 2 green lightning bolts branch out and two longer and larger orange ones lead out from the center, a green diamond lies at the center of the 4 bolts. a ball of energy floats in between the bolts. the bolts themselves are metal blades and can be used for stabbing, cutting, whatever. the staff can be swung like a bat sending the bolt at a enemy/victim and can be called back to the weapon, ( the action of using it sorta resembles a person playing lacrosse)


enlisted in the governmental project P.Y.A (Project young angel) as well as being middle school student in the first series, in series 2 a junior member of the chosana guard squad, technically a apprentice of onica, and later a junior member of Chosanas armads (a junior member of the armada is sorta like a member in training.) in the next generation she becomes the right hand of queen zarya of sineria (onica) and also has a side business designing and making clothing, technology and other things.


No stranger to the harshness of life, lori-chan lost her father and brothers at a young age and was raised alongside her younger sisters by her mother. losing faith in the real world, she looks for the impossible and unexplainable. her friend gina has looked after her almost like a older sister and seems to protect her from things that she cannot remember. she is despret to find a purpose in life and wishes desperately for a perfect world, and this more or less leads to the events of the first series.

:edit: i decided to remove 2 of the forms to reduce the file in size, there not as important anyways, ill upload them in some other file later on.

had to move this one around just to save it .... it was too wide to save... lori chan changes the most between each series, and she grows more than the others. and she has more forms .. sooo huge reference. but i drew her youngest form too old looking.

so i decided that id make some character sheets/references. my latest attempt at doing such
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