Touhoumon Blue Nuzlocke Part 1 Picture

And so it begins. Again.

The rules of this nuzlocke are a bit different than the standard:
1. Fainting= Death
2. Only the first Puppet in the route can be caught
2a. This is applicable from the start. So if I run into a Pokemon during the first fetch quest, then I can't catch anything there.
2b. The dupes clause is void. If it's a Puppet I've already caught, then I'm stuck with it.
3. White out= Game over
4. I am stuck with the worst starter in the game. Just cuz.
5. All story elements must be done before battling the gym.
6. After entering each town with a major gym (save for the 1st Viridian trip), a die will be rolled, adding an extra rule that applies until the gym in that town is defeated. There are plot reasons for this, which will come up later.

Touhoumon Blue is a hack wandering around the internet. It's very similar to the Moemon hack in that you fight with little girls. However, these little girls correspond to characters from a doujin bullet hell called Touhou Project. To sum up Touhou as quickly as I possibly can, it's a shoot-em-up known for having a shitton of bullets and for having an all-female cast. It's set in a fantasy world called Gensokyo, where all mythological creatures go after humans stop believing in them or something like that. Shenanigans happen, and the hero, a human shrine maiden, goes to fix everything.

For the moment, none of the actual Touhou plot is important. It may be referenced later, but everything will be explained enough so people who don't know Touhou will get it.

Now, onto the actual comic. Opening scenes are really my downfall. There's really nothing in them so they all seem the same. I drew this strip about 4 times before settling with this idea. The thing I really wanted to stand out the most is that Kari is kind of a huge jerk. I enjoy characters that are jerks.

Also, I hope you don't get used to seeing Pokemon NPCs. Gary is the only original NPC that I'm putting in this. I have reasons. Not very good ones, but reasons.

And wow this is a long and ramble-y description.

I hope that this time, I can make a run that is actually well-placed and clever or something like that. inb4 i fail lol.

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