My OTP Picture

I deny the existence of the O in OTP. It is impossible to like just ONE pairing.

Anyway, my OTP! LokixSigyn, or Logyn. IT'S COMPLETELY CANON TOO

See, according to Norse mythology, Sigyn was engaged to somebody... Theoric, I believe. And Loki loved her, so he killed Theoric and took his place in their wedding. And Sigyn, upon discovering that she married Loki, not Theoric, decided that the marriage was legit and remained with Loki like a good little wife.

But it's more adorable when you make them desperately in love.

And yes, I did write their names in ancient runes. Don't judge me for being dedicated.

This is MY design for Sigyn! Yay~
Can also be used as Hermia of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Loki (c) Marvel, The Avengers, Thor, Norse Mythology, etc.
Sigyn (c) Norse Mythology, me
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