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Kat has always had difficulty spontaneously talking about herself, and finds writing hypothetical self-profiles to be no different. She is also prone to thinking way too much about small details, as the following tl;dr makes clear. She apologises for the wall of text, and will be happy to answer any additional questions she's missed.

Summoning Item:

Inter-dimensional Holographic Elevator - this elevator floats somewhere between the isolated realm of Kat's Imagination and The Real, and seems to be somewhat connected to both. Claire, Giselle, and Therryn all somehow ended up there at some point in the recent past, though none can explain how they got there, and they don't seem to be able to return to their normal realities so long as the elevator is in existence.

Summoning Characters - They are summoned from the elevator through a holographic button projected by a necklace Kat was given with her invitation. Thinking about the button is enough to activate the necklace (so long as she's wearing or holding it) and project a button in the air in front of her. Pressing it will call the elevator, which can appear absolutely anywhere (from the side of a mountain, mid-air sixty feet above the ground, you name it).

Any or all characters in the elevator can leave it if they want, so long as they do so before the doors close, which seems to be an arbitrary length of time that changes according to what's most inconvenient. Characters Kat calls by name while the doors are open will probably but not necessarily answer a summon, and characters not mentioned will probably stay put unless they get bored, or curious.

Banishing Characters - The elevator can also be summoned to dismiss a character, who leaves the real by going back through the doors. Any character who is knocked unconscious or killed also vanish and reappear there. These are the only ways for Claire or Giselle to leave The Real; Therryn is able to teleport small distances, and seems to be able to teleport himself back onto the elevator at will, regardless of what Kat decides.

Damaged Characters -The elevator has no magical healing properties, and time flows at approximately normal rates. However, Therryn has some healing abilities, which he'll use to help characters who have been injured in battle and returned to the elevator. How much they're healed depends on the severity of their wounds, and how much time Therryn's been able to spend with them. He himself will heal much faster than Claire or Giselle. Characters in the elevator will not heal if Therryn is out in The Real.

Fighting Style:

In combat, Kat will try to avoid personal conflict whenever possible. She understands the concept of a tournament, and will use her characters to win fights for her if it seems relevant, but will try whenever possible to avoid actually getting into a physical conflict herself. If forced to actually engage, Kat will take the defensive, weaving and dodging and staying out of arm's reach as long as that looks like a sustainable option.

Ultimately, though, she will fight to defend herself or her characters. She isn't afraid to kick (above or below the belt, Karate instilled a sense of honour but also a sense of 'just get out alive' ), and will use her knife or anything else on hand when it comes down to it.


Kat is never sure whether or not she's actually a good person, but she spends most of her time making sure that she acts like a nice one. Friendly, polite, cheerful and personable, she initially comes across as confident and agreeable, and makes casual friendships easily. She likes being helpful, and is particularly fond of situations of mutual gain, turning her head whenever possible to alternate solutions that can avoid unnecessary conflict or drama. She's a very good listener, non-judgemental, and tries to be supportive when she can but isn't really very good at it and works better when other people aren't crying. To that end, Kat is prone to laughing both at herself and with others; Canadian politeness combine with a self-depricating streak and a taste for mild sarcasm, leaving her able to see the humour in her failures, and life in general.

Kat enjoys company, but is ultimately an introvert, who in the end works best alone in her spot on the hierarchy. She doesn't trust people easily, which means that she's reluctant to delegate, and feels best when she's in charge of her own choices. She also doesn't like rudeness, or wimpiness (if she can suck it up and be friendly and brave, so can you) and when faced with either of those is most likely to simply wash her hands of the person in question -- when upset, Kat's pleasantness turns into an icy politeness coupled with snide jabs.

On the other side of things, Kat is also remarkably Machiavellian -- the end justifies the means, and not everything works out for the best for everyone involved. She's always been good at reading people, and uses that to her advantage when it comes to tricky situations. Kat prefers to avoid lying, mostly because it's a lot of work to make a good lie consistant (although there are ways of working around 'truth' ), but isn't above scheming, and tends to think that everyone manipulates everyone else, so why not be honest with yourself about it? It would be nice if no one ever had to be underhanded, but it would also be nice to not be stuck in a strange alternate reality, and sometimes that doesn't apply.

The Real, though, seems to be filled with if not friends at least potential colleagues, which means that Kat's outlook is a distinctly positive one. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, doesn't want to be hurt, and is somehow hoping that everying will be able to work itself out.

Notes (as I think of them):

-- Canadian: Spells words with a lot of unnecessary "u"s. Pronounces it "zed", not "zee", does not use "eh" in every sentence (but will say it occasionally).
-- Has been occasionally told she "sounds like a Brit without the accent", whatever that means. Probably has to do with using "rather" and "shan't" in casual conversation.

-- Phobia: Near-paralyzing fear of face/body paint on her (including mud/dirt streaks on the face). She can work through it, but it takes a lot of mental effort. Seriously creeped out by other people wearing face paint, and will avoid physical contact. Note -- this does not, for some reason, include makeup. This also doesn't include clowns, or mimes, or anyone for whom facepaint "feels natural".

-- Higher-than-average tolerance for drugs: doesn't get drunk as easily, but painkillers also don't work as well.

-- Relatively high pain tolerance is mostly a mind-over-matter thing. Had a lot of headaches/scrapes/twisted ankles as a child, learned how to move past it. Karate training helped.

-- Swearing: tends to be extremely polite most of the time - but has a strong appreciation for a well-placed swear word, particularly when frustrated or excited.

-- Food and Drink: Adores coffee (though it has no actual effect on her). Has a small appetite - mostly because eating almost anything makes her feel nauseated.

-- Trivia: Watched too much Jeopardy as a child, and therefore knows a lot of random useless facts. Has much of IMDB memorised, can quote random literature, and webcomics, and knows more about Greek mythology than any sane person should.

-- Music: Always loved music. Has perfect pitch, can transpose and arrange music by hearing it. Played piano for eleven years (stopped five years ago), sang for five years as a child and started again last year. Has played steel pan for fourteen years, semi-professionally for seven. Took drumming lessons (kit) for five years. Has also, at one point, played: acoustic guitar, djimbe, cello, violin, alto saxophone, flute, recorder. Can't live without music, likes almost all styles (not a big fan of metal, indie rock, or acoustic music) can get distracted by pretty harmonies.

-- Personality quirk: Mirrors people, to a certain degree; will be more friendly/outgoing around friendly people, reserved people tend to make her quieter. General personality doesn't change.

The Team:

-- Claire Hewett - the brains
-- Giselle Lafayette - the brawn
-- Therryn Masterson - the mage


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