TCN - Requiem Picture

stock>> ~cwiss (leaf) ~lured2stock (tree roots) ~kriegs (another leaf, which i combined with the previous one) and ~ tinderstock (the heart)

This is the last in the story.

Everything falls into place, though it comes in a moment of intense weakness and possible suicide.

In which case, it may be too late.

This wraps up everything in the story, and is meant to reflect Mythology .

I hope you like it!


my knees drawn tightly to my chest
slightly rabid, slightly passive
my heart beats out of step
with the rhythm of my surroundings

so...familiar...yet so distant

i try to remember how i came here
my calloused fingers trace the walls
to where i see a hanging rose
swaying softly under my breath
and i watch calmly
as a petal lets go of the stem
and falls softly on my face

then i remember everything

i have nurtured and worshipped this rose
this exalted and shining metaphor
for what drives my every movement
bathed it in my confessions
and nursed it with a lamentation
over a faded butterfly's wing
and a spider’s poisoned fang
the shadow of which spreads wider
and thicker than i ever thought it could

a rose that’s cut from the root
is still dead no matter how vivid

in this moment
it seems so easy
to let what light still breathes in me
escape my lips and slip away
and so i take a nail to the windows of the temple
ripping out my eyes
blending tears and blood
mourning that i have no more sacrifices left
and that i cannot let myself forgive
this curiously sacred blood

but then my heartbeat starts to fall in line
with the rhythm of what’s around me
and somehow, an eye opens
and i become just like a child

i look above me
and see a spider with butterfly wings
sitting on a beating heart
drawing out all my sorrow
with it’s gently beating wings

as my heart comes ever closer
to coinciding with the other
and i am filled with boundless wonder
as i begin to understand
that i must drive this cathartic nail
deep into my chest
until it splits this aching heart in two


draining from my veins
through these hands, onto this page

that i might write these words
with the sincerity and devotion
of a broken heart that wants to mend
and a burning hope
that i can know what pillars support me

only then can i transcend
and cast these shells aside
embrace my own divinity
and leave all this hurt behind
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