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Well, I decided that I needed to be more involved in community stuff on dA and this Otherworlde group ( [link] ) looked interesting.

So uh. Yeah. Time for amazing rambley-ness. And such. And also, forgive my terrible illustration, I'm having an off day.

And now, to describe my character. Finally OTL.


What's up with that name? LOL weird.
Vinri Hräm obviously has, if you know your super nerdy etymology, Scandinavian ancestry. Her name is a slighty butchered version of the words "friend" and "ripper/tearer/breaker/general breaker of things".

What the crap is a "Spinner"? And why is she so insanely tall?
I went and invented Spinners as a race, as an excuse to make Vinri cool. ARTISTIC LICENSE! SHADDUP, YOU, THERE IN THE BACK. YEAH I CAN HEAR YOU.
Since I gave her a name rooted in Old Norse, I wanted to make Norse mythology part of her species type thingamig.
Also, I'm a hopeless Loki fangirl and needed to incorporate something remotely related to him OTL.
So I decided that Spinners are vaguely related to Jӧtunns, but over time they moved further south, and their icy skin became more of a gray-brown, though they remained freakishly tall.
They're called "Spinners" because they've discovered a certain sort of very dangerous, secretive magic that - when used correctly - may be used to unweave the very fabric of reality and re-spin the "threads" into something else, and then weave it back into the world. It's a really complicated process, and it has something to do with String Theory. GEDDIT? I'm so very punnily clever sometimes. Derp.
But, anyways, the act of messing with the weft and warp of the universe has altered the Spinners in unusual and surprising ways, turning them into darker and more shadowy creatures than they once were. They age strangely, sometimes more slowly than usual, sometimes at a completely normal rate, occasionally faster, and very rarely completely backwards. They've become very lean and hungry-looking, with long, slender fingers perfect for fiddling with small things (such as threads).
Anyways, back to the aging thing. Because the rate of aging varies among Spinners, their maturity is judged using their height. For no matter what, the height of a Spinner is always proportional to their age. This isn't a perfect system, because different individuals are, derp, different, but it works alright. Thus, Vinri is said to be sixteen, even though she's been on this earth for nearer to nineteen years. She's only as mentally and physically mature as a sixteen-year-old.

Alright, what's Vinri like?
She's inherently manipulative, and quite enjoys planning and plotting. Chess is one of her favorite games, and she quite excels at getting all her pawns killed. Like most of her species, she loves artsy-craftsy type things, like weaving and calligraphy (which it looks at first like I misspelled in the picture, but those are two l's very close to each other).
Vinri did not speak English at first, instead speaking the language of the Spinners, but learned quickly enough once she put her mind to it. In doing so, it was discovered that she has an aptitude for languages.
If there's one thing that she can't stand at all, it's food that's foreign to her. Examples: American and Asian cuisine. She absolutely despises fried food, and soy sauce makes her feel nauseous. Don't even think about giving her peanuts.

How are you planning to RP with her? And how often are you available to RP?
I don't particularly like this "script" style, and would much rather write in paragraph form. It's what I'm used to. I usually write in the first person, though I'd like to use third person for this particular character, if that's alright.
I get on deviantART nearly every day, though I don't always have a lot of time. I do not have MSN or Skype, so you can't contact me that way. Perhaps if you desperately want to interact with this character, and can't seem to catch me in the chat, you can note me.

What classes are you planning to put her in?
I feel like Vinri would be most interested in Shadowmancy, specifically using shadow tendrils and stitching up wounds with the darkness. It would remind her very much of weaving, even though she is not one of those who have actually woven reality. Perhaps she'll make a shadowy loom and make the most boss clothes ever.

So, probably:

- OTW 101 Incantations
- SHD 102 Shadow Tendrils
- SHD 104 Shadow Melting


Basic Information
Name: Vinri Hräm
Age: 16, mentally and physically. She's actually existed for closer to nineteen years.
Height: 6'3"
Species: Spinner

Academic Information
Level: Beginner
Current Classes: OTW 101 Incantations, SHD 102 Shadow Tendrils, SHD 104 Shadow Melting. Probably. Yeah.
Passed Classes: None. OTL.
Experience: None, really, I suppose.

Personal Information
Likes: Chess, arts and crafts, dark places, and anything to do with weaving.
Dislikes: American and Asian food. If you want to die, get her some Chinese takeout.
Fears: Oddly enough, spiders absolutely creep her out.
Goals: Vinri aspires to be a great and powerful shadowmancer... perhaps even win a tournament or two, eh?
Personality: Vinri is manipulative and plot-some, and this usually manifests itself in a serious attitude and charming nature.
History: Vinri lived in Scandinavia and mid-eastern Europe for most of her life, but never stayed in any one place for too long. Spinners are, for the most part, nomadic, and this encourages a minimalistic lifestyle. Instead of playing with toys like a young human would, Spinner children spend their days learning various skills. Vinri learned calligraphy (which is quite useful in spellwriting), rudimentary skills with spear-like weapons (polearms, glaives, actual spears, etc.) and later the English language. All Spinners learn to weave fabric, in preparation for learning to spin reality to their will, but Vinri wasn't very interested in altering the world in that way. Though she loved to weave, the arts of the shadows intrigued her. Darkness was intangible, mysterious, and unknown - something abstract, and almost not real. So rather than training to change what was concrete, Vinri decided to pursue a career in shadowmancy. And thus, she came to the OtherWorlde.

Misc. Information:

Roleplay Information
Chatroom Availability: I get on dA nearly every day, though I am quite busy sometimes. I'll try to RP as often as possible.
IM Availability: I have no means of IMing, so if you simply MUST contact me, a note will have to do.

Script Sample: I'm not fond of script style writing, but here you go. [Le Edit: I don't like script style because I suck at it. Majorly. MOAR DERP.]

Vinri- *Walks along a desolate, dirt road, and pokes a rock, which crumbles.* This thing is really old, isn't it?

[Hopefully less derp. I'm so braindead now that it's probably worse than before. o_e]

Paragraph Sample:

Vinri walked along a desolate dirt road, alongside an old stone wall. She ran her hand along it as she continued on her path, and pieces crumbled to the ground at her touch. "This really is an ancient structure, isn't it?" she asked, turning her head to face whoever she was talking to at the moment.

|D I feel like such a horrible derp.

Oh, and, Dv, if you happened to read all of this, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY JOIN THIS THING TOO.
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