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Phew, this was a big one! Reference for different unique types of Livian Demons, all hybrids or with a special feature of some sort.

I've been wanting to do this lineup for a while now, because some of these types I've had in mind for a while, and they just needed proper reference before I could go on. I'd love to receive feedback from my watchers and the community here on dA on which look/sound great, and which look/sound less usable. Feel free to comment without reading the infodump!

In order, these are: demons with the lower body of an animal | Winged demons | Ashen gray demons | Decomposing demons | Decomposing aquatic demons | Half human, half demon

    Lower body of an animal | Status: Integrated

Unchanged features: Entire upper body
Changed features: Legs, hips, and tail. How they change depends on the animal.
Background: The legs of an animal are given to people as a curse, usually by gods or entities with a high status, as a form of punishment, or because they have crossed/betrayed them in some way.

Markus is a great example of this already. His animal was the goat, and the goat is the most common. Other animals that can be used are bird species, other equine animals, bovine animals, canines, felines, and apes. More animals can be added when suggested or when I think of them.

    Winged | Status: integrated

Unchanged features: Entire body, except the upper back
Changed features: Dark, black wings are added to the back
Background: All demons used to have wings, but they were removed by the first specimen to make him look different from the others. He changed their genetic code to exclude the signs of wings, but they are currently still to be found in the DNA. Damon is currently the only known demon with wings.

Not sure if anyone else but Damon gets to have wings. I wouldn't really know how they'd get them in the first place. Maybe something to do with the remnants of it in the DNA?

    Ashen gray | Status: planned

Unchanged features: Entire body's anatomy
Changed features: Skin colour is lowly saturated, and rather dark (light gray, ashen dray, or dark gray)
Background: No background yet, but as demons' main magic element is darkness, a dark-skinned race wouldn't be out of place.

Been wanting to do these for a long time now! The problem is that, while I have a potential background for them, I have no idea where they would come from, and why they would exist. They would probably be very noble, in general tall, and friendly.

    Decomposing | Status: slightly integrated

Unchanged features: Form of the body in general
Changed features: These demons have started decomposing. Which parts will fall off, which will rot, and which will stay relatively healthy is all random. Wounds stay on the body as permanent scars. Often have gray eyes.
Background: Another curse from the gods, this time a lot more severe than the animal lower body. It is used for the most severe cases of betrayal, defiance, and sin in general.

These people are often depressed and have a dark outlook on life. They can still be happy and optimistic people, despite the odds. They decompose, but only to a certain degree. Meaning that when they are wounded, they will heal back to only a certain level. Which parts decompose most differs from person to person, but usually, fingers and toes are most common, eyes less common, entire limbs even more uncommon, and the loss of for example the entire lower body is very rare. Internal organs can fail as well. Some lose the ability to speak due to lungs or vocal cords decomposing. They are only less intelligent if the brain is affected.

These people don't need to eat, drink, or breathe to survive. Some have a heartbeat, some don't, and for some, it changed from time to time. This doesn't mean that they can't feel pain. The decomposing itself is a very painful process, and drying out hurts. They are nearly immortal, in that they can only die if every part of their body is destroyed.

Note that these are not undead. They have never died, and they didn't come back to life.

    Decomposing aquatic | Status: planned

Unchanged features: Humanoid body structure in general
Changed features: Nose is flat; arms, legs, tail, and face are covered in scales; stronger arm, leg, and neck muscles; thick tail; gills; often have gray eyes.
Background: These people had the same fate as the decomposing, but they were all involved in the same thing: they were judged for worshiping a god that was not approved of. They decided to go to the home place of their god, the sea, as it was a place where no others could easily follow them. Over the course of centuries, the faithful were blessed with features to help them get about their daily lives in the ocean.

Definitely going to use them. Culture and all still have to be decided on. The decomposing often join them during the summer, due to the risk of dehydrating in the sun. They can't communicate with the aquatics, in the same way that most aquatics have lost their ability to communicate above the water.

    Half human | Status: probably won't make it

Unchanged features: General anatomy
Changed features: Human skin colour; no tail; much fatter, buffer, and taller body; more human colours used
Background: Nothing yet

I am not sure if I even want to keep this type. They are not at all unique in the way they look, but they would be very interesting from an anatomical viewpoint. First off, would they have human or demon cells? Food or heat energy system? Human reproduction system or demon reproduction system? Demon magical element or human magical element? Due to all of the complications, and the lack of a function, these will probably never be implemented.

One option for their background could be that they are perceived as trolls. They have undergone a drastic drop in intelligence, and due to this, they can be seen as being more instinctive, more primitive, and more beastly.

That's all I have on them for now. If you have any ideas or suggestions, they are all welcome, because most of these are still in an early stage.
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