The Dusk of Time: Argsimard Picture

Careful, he bites. XP

This is Argsimard, who has an epic name- say it out loud, you'll understand how epic it is. XD He (actually it's genderless, but I refer to it as a he) is Avyhani's "pet" and her guardian. He's also known as the Guardian of Claherla, since he guards a place called Claherla, which according to mythology was the place where Avyhani was sleeping. Actually, it's just a place where she can be contacted most easily, but it's still special.

Yes, he's a giant attack centipede. He is made of a golden metallic material that is not actually gold. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's much harder than gold. His body is about a quarter-mile long, and each of his eight legs are sharp enough to cut through stone. His entire body is virtually impenetrable except for his eyes, and the only way to incapacitate him is to feed him the five Keys of Claherla, which will put him back into a deep sleep if fed to him at the same time. He does live underground, and he does burrow through tunnels, which is why his eyes are beady and he's basically blind. He can sense motion through vibrations in the ground, like a snake.

So, that's Argsimard. He's going to be one of the mythological monsters encountered by the main characters in "The End of Genesis".

Fear him.
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