BETTER KNOW AN OC - Jianjun Picture

★ J I A N J U N ★
the demon overlord

FULL NAME: None, he has only been known as the Demon Lord
NICKNAMES: Jianjun, Overlord
AGE: Somewhere in the thousands
GENDER: Technically none (thus why he's in the nude), but he considers himself a male
SPECIES: Demon (Chinese mythology)

PERSONALITY: He's an evil demon. What are you expecting, for him to be nice to his peons? No! Jianjun is a jerk, just like the majority of my characters. He's cold to everyone, even his most trusted generals. Commanding a whole army of demons is risky business, and Jianjun trusts no one. He's always skeptical of what others are saying. And he's rather paranoid too.

BIO: Thousands of years ago, a great war was waged between the Demon Lord and the Jade Emperor. Jianjun was defeated and sealed away in a place beyond time and space, forever to be caged with his four generals. The Jade Emperor died and the centuries passed, finally leaving one child that held the Emperor's blood. Thanks to an accident by said child, the bond that kept the demons in place broke, and Jianjun was free at last to seek revenge. Unfortunately, this child was a female teenager who went to a Japanese high school -- and he had no idea who she was. Jianjun's options are to either murder everyone in Japan, or take on a human appearance and go to high schools searching for this girl. Obviously, he prefers the former.

OTHER: Jianjun means "building the army". I wanted to give him a name other than "Demon Lord", so it was chosen. As far as the Jade Emperor story... I took some liberties. Sue me. He looks like an albino (plus blue?) parrot in this picture, but that's what I love about it. 8D

NOTES: Not much to say here, really. I like his design, but it's always changing since I can't remember what his markings are. >__>; Jianjun originally didn't have visible ears, but I like them, so there.
OTHER IMAGES: Uh... none. I had one, but my sister wrote her rude comments all across it before I had a chance to scan it. D<
CREATION DATE: February 2008.

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