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Since I've got my passion back to actually make something, I wanted to make sure I remember why I love being an artist, and this meme was right up my alley, I've been meaning to do this a while but never got round to it, but here it is, my influence map!!

And now here's my insane effort to explain it all:

Sonic the hedgehog: The reason I draw in the first place, he's what made me pick a pencil and doodle all those years back.

Digital Addict and bright and shiny future: Search up this guy here on DA, fantastic artist, and he's what got me on the road to a more stylish and urbany sonic, as well as attempt my own comic.

John Romita Jr: Despite how weird his style is, it's always a pleasure to read, it's not accurate it's immensly blocky but I just love it for some strange reason.

Spiderman & Batman: seriously best superheroes ever.

Patrick "Spaz" Spaziante: Amazing Sonic Artist, blew me away the first time I saw his art in the sonic adventure 2 adaptation, the movement the detail and just how cool sonic looked made me want to strive to be just as good as this guy.

Richard Elson: One of my favourite artists from the good ol days of Sonic the Comic, he's actually the biggest influence on how I draw Sonic today, as it was always his strips I doodled from. Also nice fact, it was a sonic strip of his that was the first comic I ever read.

Tekkonkinkreet: A fantastic movie, heavily stylised film whose story I still don't full understand but it just look absolutely beautiful, the city, the colour everything, it made me want to live there.

FLCL & Hajime Ueda: I loved FLCL but it's the artstyle in the manga that always got me, it's simple and very scratchy, it feels grimy and you can just feel the raw passion in the way he draws :'D

One Piece: This is just an awe-inspiring manga, like how people love great stories of adventure, this is pretty much the adventure epic I hold to heart, it may not be deep nor as aesthetically pleasing to some, but the strong bonds that the pirate crew as well as how batshit their adventures can be really just makes me smile like a kid every time I read it.

Transformers: The Robots in disguise, this sparked (PUN) my love for robots and well I love the mythos behind it, Primus, well of all sparks, the original 13th, if I ever hear anything about the grand mythology of the transformers I genuinely get chills down my spine XD

E.J Su: Comic artist for the IDW TF comics, his work is so concise and often carries a nice spark of gundam in it.

Kamen Rider: whooo boy I'm madly obsessed with kamen rider, I love everything about it, a masked hero, the simple catchphrase, how a simple scarf can make you look badass. Yes KR is the reason I draw scarfs on EVERYTHING XD Faiz was what started me and ichigo is basically the core of it all so I had to include him.

Toru Nakayama: You may know him for his Megaman Zero Official artwork, he's amazing XD his colouring style are just things I always enjoy seeing, I often use that faiz pic as a starting point when I start a new drawing.

Ashley Wood: I don't remember how I came across him but his work does truly stand out from the crowd, like many artists I've grown to love his art style is so messy and wild and loose like he's not even trying at times to make something brilliant.

Gurren Lagann: It made me love Drills and all things GAR, this helped me through a tough period in life as sad as it sounds and still does to it's day as it always reminds me that you must keep drilling forward to your goal whatever gets in the way (cut the cheese Miles dayum!)

Hiroyuki Imashi: This man taught me the ways of solid shadows. I still need to improve though as always :'D

Hanna is not a boy's Name & Vert-Ninja: I once found her work through a lock and key, but that ended abruptly and I was left with an empty void of vivid colours in art, but thanks to sage I found this comic which while brought back those vivid colours I once knew but a whole new way of panelling, not being held down by simple conventions vert ninja bursts out of panels to create an active and vibrant comic that is always a pleasure to read!

Zombies: Walking Dead, gotta love em~

Seung Eun Kim: The storyboarder for THE BOONDOCKS, this man's rendering is legendary as you can see on ol bruce there, and his commandeering of anatomy and perspective makes you wonder if this man is even human!

Phillipe Guyenne: He's the first concept artist I ever followed and introduced me to the world of digital painting.

Jackson Pollock: I dare say I think this man birthed my love for all things messy and frantic, he may simply just splatter paint on a canvas like a boss but for some reasons his work always evokes an emotional response from me....probably cos I'm crazy =w=

Last but not least Street Art and Urban landscapes, I love graffiti and when it's done well, shiet it's done DAMN WELL once again a biproduct of liking jackson pollock's stuff, graffiti is never really makes sense and can be just as frantic as a splatter of paint. Urban landscapes...I just love the concrete jungle all those nook and crannies as well as the graffiti bounces off those grey walls, creates a nice contrast.

And I think that is it, I hope that wasn't too long a read if you TL;DR I don't blame you XD I just put the comments up for the sake of explaining why they influence me.

And if you ever want to make one yourself go here : [link]

characters and art (c) to their respective owners

now I die from writing so much~
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