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According to the poll, Ianira is currently the most popular Leader from Imagination. poor Procopius
I'd thought you'd like to see her final design ^^

Bio >w<
Name: Ianira of Fay Valley, Leader of the Southwest Realm, (former queen of the Nymph Realm in the Real World)
Age: 700+ (in her twenties upon entering the Imagi Nation)
Species: Nymph, Figment

Despite being a nymph, Ianira is very sweet and kind towards others. She is considered to be exceptional, as most early nymphs typically charmed humans that traveled wooden trails, leading them off the path to use for their own fancies. Ianira is also considered to be the most open Leader, as she is generally more connected with other Figments. The grove in which she resides receives dozens of visitors each day, even when she is not present. She's considered to be a Leader for the people, seeing that theirs opinions regarding the layout of the Nation be taken into account. Even though she is no longer a queen, many refer to her as such out of respect and appreciation.

In the centuries before Ianira's birth, the nymphs did not have a designated kingdom, living in the forests of modern day Greece. They were generally a species to watch out for, nymph maidens often seducing young travelers. But as they spread into the rest of Europe and their interactions with humans became more frequent , they saw it in their best interests to create a means of governing themselves. They created a monarchial system and marked out a territory that bordered on the Dwarf and Elven Lands of the North. They accepted certain customs that belonged to Man, such as wearing clothes and worshipping. But this was not enough to avoid their inevitable fate. Around the time of Ianira's birth, Man's trafficking of nymph slaves had been going on for several decades. Nymphs were strongly desired, not only for their beauty and longevity, but for their ability to control nature. Nymphs can control plant life, making it bend to their will, and also grow plants from nothing using their magic. Farmers desired this power and may have bought a captured nymph or two to aid their harvest. But the nymphs were resistant and those that were captured were typically only imprisoned a few months before being slaughtered. This eventually reached a point where Man killed any nymph that crossed their path in the woods. Females were captured more often than males as they had more appeal on the market. When Ianira was eighteen, her father led a crusade, the last of dozens, against a nearby Man city which was known to have hundreds of nymphs imprisoned on the premises. But Disbelief had already rooted itself in the hearts of Man, weakening the nymphs' magic. The King was killed in battle along with hundreds of other fay. Ianira was distraught when she heard the news, but was quick to take up her place as Queen. Man advanced rapidly on the mythical kingdoms, gaining new territory with each passing day. With the defeat of the Dwarves in the mountains and the Elves discussing plans of evacuation, Ianira ordered that the Fay Army (now comprised of many different types of creatures) would lead one final stand against Man. She had the troops trained hard, and was fairly confident that they would be successful. She, with several others on watch, waited for them to return from battle. When the cry finally went out that a someone was approaching, everyone immediately thought this meant good news. Ianira was relieved...until she got a closer look at the approaching party. It was a wood sprite...holding the dead broken body of another in his arms. Horrified, but desperate to understand what was going on, Ianira and several others rushed out to meet him. The wood sprite confirmed her worse fear... the army was gone, completely destroyed by Man. The young sprite was all that was left of her soldiers. Overcome with grief and self-loathing, Ianira raced into the forests, collapsing and desperately trying to use her magic that no longer worked. The lone soldier came to her, introducing himself as Haerviu. The body he had been carrying was that of his brother, and Haerviu assured Ianira that it was not her fault he had died. He told her that she was still Queen and that others were in desperate need of her leadership. She was all they had left. Understanding what needed to be done, Ianira overcame her deep sadness and quickly led the remainder of her people into hiding. During those dark years, Ianira welcomed other creatures seeking refuge and tended to the sick. She kept her faith and hosted daily prayer services to keep the hope of the people alive. During one of these ceremonies, the Creator revealed Himself to them and created the Imagi Nation as their eternal refuge. Soon after, Ianira was chosen to be one of the four Leaders, keeping watch over the Figments of the Southwest Realm. She resides in Fay Valley, an area where most of her subjects chose to settle. She ended up adopting many fay children (including Alys) that had lost their parents during the Dark years, letting them live and play in her home. Haerviu became her close friend and assistant, aiding her with her Leader duties.

phew so much writing xD

I created Ianira back in 2011 shortly after I drafted Teslick's first designs. She wasn't originally a kind queen, but a cold warrior that lived in the forests. She nearly took Phin's head off with an arrow in the early outlines xDD But I like her much better this way. ^^ I made the switch in early 2012.
Since nymphs originate from Greek mythology, I wanted to keep her dress with that traditional ancient Greek look, but also have a touch of western European influence. Nymphs in my style also have large ears like elves (the difference between the two is that elf ears point straight up, whereas nymph ears slope out to the sides)

I think I'm going to write a book of origins for all the Leaders, since there is so much for me to work with and I have LOADS of story ideas
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