Suichi 94583 Picture

Full Name: Suichi Rukara 94583
Meaning of her full name: Robot experiment 94583
Nicknames: Sui-chan, Ruka-chan, Number 94
Sex: Female
Race/Species: Android
Military Rank: Sergeant
Realm: Fullmetal Alchemist
Age: She was created by the State Military 2 years before the Ishbal Rebellion, but she takes the appearance of a 12 year old girl, but her actual confirmed age is unknown, unable to age.
Birth Date: Unknown
Height: 4'8ft
Weight: 180 Pounds, due to her skelleton structure created like a machine.
Shoe Size: W 6 2/1
Describe Their Voice: Very low and soft, her child, innocent pitch of voice has yet a emotionless tone to it.
Eye Color: A baby blue, but when she is put under shut down, her eyes turn to a blackish blue.
Body Structure: Slim, and petite.
How do they smile?: A mix of false and Sincere.
Hair Color: Blond, with black tips
Hair Style: Shoulder length and layered, giving it that feathered look to it.
Abilities: She knows how to use some alchemy, but not very well, she's better at fire arms than anything else.
Weapons: Two CZ 75 pistols.
Personality: Though, she puts off an emotionless look, she tends to show some emotion traights, such as sadness, anger, and would blush at times. She is extremely loyal to following orders and done what she is told, though, the flow of emotions is strange to her. Occasionally she would snap, attacking other members.

Backround: The experimental labs of the Military were testing, not only to figure out how to create human chimera's but to create cyborg soldiers. But, each time, the subject failed to survive during the experiments, till, they got a call that they were given a child who has been comatose for 5 years and stated that she would never wake up from a tragic car accident. Unable to pay for the hospital bills, the parents signed her over to the Military experimental labs, She was the first experiment to survive and live threw it, occasionaly she would have faint blurred memories of her former self, but other than that, she has no memory at all that she ever was more than a creation. She once worked under Basque Gran, which caused her to become emotionaly unstable, questioning her reason of being, and her purpose in life, other than being a weapon to follow orders like a slave. After an accident during the Ishbal 'Rebelion', she snapped, attempting to kill Basque Gran.She was placed in solitary confinment, not to long after, she was placed under Maes Hughes's care and watch. Being with Hughes, she found a meaning in her life, finding someone who actually treated her as a person and not a weapon, devoting her life to protect Hughes. While under the watch of Hughes, the effects of the experimentation of her creation started creating side effects on her body, causing her to fall ill time to time. Her brain functions stop working correctly like there supposed to, which placed her in bed rest for months at a time. Side effects would enclude coughing up blood, temperary blurry eye sight, and fever.

After Hughes died, she fell under deep depression, losing the desire to exist. Trying to attempt suicide, luckily Roy Mustang found her, she was placed under medical care, to fix the repairs she caused.
Becoming a threat and to dangerous for anyone to handle, the Military we're planing to disable Suichi for good. Unable to have that happen, Roy convinced the Military he would take her under his wing and keep her under control, accepting the offer, she was once again placed under someones care. She time to time would show hints of rebellion towards Roy, becoming to believe that there would be no one who would truely see her as an equal, thinking everyone just sees her as a machine.

Dream in life: She someday dreams that she can truely exist and live a life like normal people, going to school, be a part of a family, even fall inlove and have a family of her own.

Likes: She enjoys learning about eyption and greek mythology, the sounds of the beach, being outside and feeling the sun on her skin, she enjoys drawing, looking at others art work, animals, and absolutely loves cute stuffed animals.

Dislikes: Fighting, Kimblee, Gran, spiders, having to kill people, scientists, being placed in bed rest, being treated like a weapon, experimentation labs, seeing animals caged up.

Favorite time of day: She quite enjoys dawn, right when the sun it just touching the mountains in the distance, the colors that spread across the sky as the bright ball of fire vanishes into the distance, she feels most at piece at that time.

Favoirte Food: That would have to be beef flavored ramen, it brings memories when Hughes and her would take a break from there duties and sit together and have ramen, she would listen to stories about Hughes's child hood moments and lets not forget, stories of the latest news of his daughter.

Favorite Animal: That would be a tough question, but she would have to say dogs.
Falling inlove, in a human with there pet kind of way, with Black Hayate. Enjoying to play around with him, taking him for walks.
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