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And now for one of the final of my KAS female human characters, Kyra Scott.

Kyra, while having intermittent presence on dA and not being well known or as posted as say, a lot of my other characters, is one of my oldest characters and *is* by far, my oldest female character I have had to date.

Her origins, like most of character origins (oddly enough) came from being an imagined female main character for Digimon World 1 named Carolina. Who would play on a much larger file-island (then I ever got to saw as I was prone to getting stuck on the oddest of places and not knowing what to do to gain access to more) with Pokemon as well as Season 3+ digimon... I was around 8 or 10 at the time, logic need not apply. As for my sudden interest in having a female character...early stages of puberty hit. And as such so did realizing my likeness for "ropes" applied more strongly to the opposite gender. I am not going to justify my 9-10 year old logic here, teens are horny little buggers whether they know it or not.

"Carolina" would remain in the Digimon verse solely rooted, going from Main character choice for Digimon world game, to a black-and-beanie wearing thief (I think) with two partners who faces I can't remember.

However it is around late elementary school/middle school I acquired Aliens vs. Predator Extinction (to say that game was my early teen childhood is an understatement) and I got massively invested into the Aliens franchise, before then all I knew were the creepy Kenner toys which I did not like as they were creepy. But after Extinction and realizing how *badass* the Xenomorphs are I watched the movies, started getting all the toys, posters, you name it. As with sudden shift in obsessions from Digimon to Aliens and Predators (I never saw much of Season 4 until years after it originally aired as Fox Kids being dead after Tamers and it airing on a channel that often times did not have) so did Carolina, whose name would shift into Kyra all because I liked the sound of a characters name from Chronicles of Riddick.

At first she wasn't present as it mostly all self-insert nonsense with me getting my own Alien Queen and fighting off evil K-Series aliens on a bizarre alien planet operating from an under-water military base, connected to an ancient predator temple. (more on THAT covered in K origins) That character would evolve into "Hunter" (who was formerly the name of a Van Hellsing descendent...of which was the early-early proto-type for Koron) and Hunter and Kyra were born. They were apart of an organization called Xenomorph Emergency Tactics Alpha or XETA and consisted of running around the galaxy alongside aliens and predators and other bizarre extra-terrestrials against the forces of the Illuminati. I'd elaborate more on this, but this is covered more in K's origins.

Their first forray into non-fanfiction fiction however came from couple page Middle School stories.

The first was them first meeting in Hawaii and fighting off a cursed Shark-Man God who is pissed at the finning industry.

The sequel, which I never finished, involved crash-landing on a mysterious lost/moving island where things from all time exist, meaning dinosaurs, missing jet craft, etc. all exist in a bizarre Lost/Land of the Lost/Dinotopia fusion, this change into a more exploration setting with Dinosaurs, Tribals, Jungles, Ruins and Monsters galore is a change that would remain the same for the character years to come.

The next major change happened in late high-school in an original fiction idea which I only made privvy knowledge to only few people here. The plot involved that in the future a calamity would force mankind to evacuate Earth in a fleet of massive ships which scattered across the cosmos in search of a habitable planet. Breaking up and losing contact with each other time, until most drifted alone as solitary oasis's in space. One group of ships managed to strike gold, which was a moon of a gas giant, which was about twice the size of earth (the moon) with conditions EXACTLY the same as Earth, just with a higher oxygen content. Upon landing they find out they are not the only sentient races there and that the world has no tectonic activity, and some how contains all life that ever lived on Earth, on the planets surface. With no where to go, mankind is trapped in an emerald hell as evolved Archo-saurs named the Treugh force mankind to the brink of extinction and mankind, being desperately low on space, supplies, and manpower, resort to child-soldiers known as "Runners" whose job is to traverse the harsh terrain and carry supplies back and forth between squads and base, in heavy danger the entire time. I'd elaborate more, but that's Hunter's story, Kyra's story here is a badass lady of war who as time goes on becomes one of the lead -researchers against the Treugh after she and Hunter uncover a massive Treugh plot and how Treugh reproduce and manage to give Mankind a chance for a decisive blow which ends "Book One". The other books would be dealing with the other sentient races, organisms, and secrets of "Kumos" (the planet they are on). It is pretty much Berserk in space with Dinosaurs in terms of tone and crazy awesome, though not quite as grim.

I only recently put that project idea "to sleep" to focus on other things, what may become of it, I do not know. As there are a lot of things I like about the idea, but which conflicts with the incorporations of other ideas I have. So while I go through college, my mind continues to brainstorm other original fiction ideas which may incorporate it.

Kyra's current story in KAS is a replacement for the old Katherine Worron, and instead of the usual "kaijuologist" or similiar biological fields, Kyra is a Cultural Anthropologist with an emphasis in Enigma's impact on human culture and civilizations over time and how Kaiju interactions could forge mythology and cultural identity. A very different focus as she will look at the cultures and politics and mythology regarding places like the Den of Predation, a different perspective compared to say
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