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Daemons: A Reference

Species: Daemon (Day-mons) Daemons as plural. ‘Monsters’ and ‘Demons’ as slang.
Homeworld: Feio
Language: Demic
Classification: Repto-mammalian

Daemons are a race of repto-mammalians, hailing from a rainy planet far off in a distant solar system. Considered quite ugly and frightening in appearance, Daemons are often compared to demons in mythology, but in reality they aren’t. It’s not hard to see why, with their white eyes, sharp claws, and almost emaciated looking bodies. Daemons are a big race, often reaching 7 feet in height, and the majority tower over the smaller races. They look so emaciated because younger Daemons have lightning quick metabolisms, and all of them are thin and bony. When they get older however, their metabolisms come to a stand-still, and they often become pudgy and fat. Daemons are a digitgrade biped. They walk on the balls of their feet, ending in three clawed toes. They are aided in balance by very long lizard like tails, which are very dexterous and prehensile. Daemons frequently use their tails to manipulate objects, and they command motion with them just as easily as they can with their hands. Their hands have four fingers, and also end in sharp bony talons. These talons are very sharp, and they must be careful when shaking hands or interacting with other races. They have thick necks, and both sexes have a type of dewlap on their throats, attaching to their lower jaws. The dewlap is actually a stretchy piece of skin that expands to allow them to swallow just about anything they can fit through their jaws. The jaws themselves can open very wide (and also past the eyes) and are lined with sharp teeth. The insides of their mouths, gums, and tongue, are all a sickly purple in color. Their tongues are long and taper to a point, and are also prehensile, adding to their frightening demeanor. Their eyes are always white, and are perfectly round. They have no visible pupil or iris, and they have excellent underwater and night vision. They also have external ears that are incredibly varied. They can range to being floppy like a pig, to pointy like a dog, and even being fin-like. Ears are not hereditary, and seem to be almost random in the race itself. Daemons do not have scales. Instead they have thick smooth skin, almost like hide, that is very tough. Skin colors range from a sickly pale gray to almost black, and every shade of gray in between. Daemons also have stripe-like markings that show up on the tails, faces, ears, arms, and feet. The markings usually come in either shades of blue, green, and purple, and very rarely show up anywhere else on the body. Markings tend to be bar-like stripes and rings, but they can also come in swirls and patches. There are visible differences between males and females. Males are always taller and bigger, and they are born with venomous spines on their tails. The venom itself only causes temporary paralysis, and was used prior to civilization to defend themselves. Most male Daemons today get them removed at birth, in order to appear more non-threatening to other civilized species, but a few keep them throughout their lives, though it’s rather uncommon. Female Daemons are lighter and shorter than males, and actually have mammalian breasts. They have some traits of both reptiles and mammals, and female Daemons actually nurse their children. Some races though, guess that they are there simply to make Daemons even more hideous in appearance.
Daemons are omnivores despite their sharp teeth, and actually evolved as scavengers. Prior to civilization, they would eat whatever they would come across, including carrion. Carrion is actually their favorite food, even today, and they’ve been known to let meat sit out in the sun for a few days to ‘ripen it’ before consuming it. Other than carrion, they like to eat eggs, fish, and some roots. They can fish very well, but they are actually bad hunters, as they are rather slow and lack the fast reflexes of pure carnivore races. They do very well off world, and actually provide a bit of a service. Because of Daemons love for carrion, other planets now have a way to get rid of road-kill, and some waypoint worlds actually have a good business in gathering up dead animals to sell. This is considered a win-win, as Daemons can now get the food they prefer and business can keep their streets clean without having to pay for a removal service. Daemons like finery, and they prefer their alcohol like they like their meat, finely aged. They have a great love for aged wines and brandies, often drinking them with the majority of their meals. They also have a rather large fondness for tea and small sweets.

Daemons go about procreating with a surprising amount of class. Usually Daemon men will attempt to woo a woman of his desires by courting her. This includes typical things, such as giving her gifts and entertaining her with feats of bravery and wit. Both parties go about this carefully, much like a dance, because their culture has several unspoken protocols for the whole courting process. It’s identical to courting in the Victorian era. However, Daemon ladies are also active in this process, and they can just as likely be the ones to start the courting process. After a few years of courting, and indeed it takes years, since Daemons live a very long time and can afford to take things slow, they will then get married.

Daemons are repto-mammalians, and they reproduce rather…oddly. The act itself is similar to most mammalian bipeds, but their gestation is more like a reptile or shark. Female Daemons are like some species of shark, where they will develop a singular egg in their bodies. The embryo in the egg will grow for about a year, before hatching inside her body. After a week, she will then have a live birth, like other mammals. Young Daemons look like little miniature adults, and they can see and walk only a few hours after birth. Young Daemons are affectionately called ‘Punks’, and they are considered fully grown by the time they are 30 years old. Daemons age very slowly, and they can easily live to be in their late 200’s. As medical technology continues to advance, it’s speculated that they can possibly live even longer.

Daemons speak a language called Demic, which sounds pretty sounds exactly what you’d expect what it would sound like, but with a delicate British-like trill. Daemons are actually rather soft spoken, and somewhat abhor needless screaming and yelling. Because of the rather harsh nature of Demic, Daemons tend to only speak it when they are in their homeworld. Daemons learn Common very easily, and it’s their preferred language when around other races, in order to keep from scaring them even more. Even when speaking Common, Daemons still retain that delicate trill.

Despite their frightening looks, Daemons are actually a very warm race. They prefer the company of other people, and it’s very rare for a Daemon to be withdrawn or anti-social. They prefer quiet company, preferring quite conversation and drinking to causing a disturbance. Daemons actually have a rather…funny history. Daemons actually worked their way up to radio astronomy prior to being discovered by other races, and where technologically similar to 1940’s Earth. Daemons are rather religious, and when they began getting radio and television signals from deep space, they mistook it as a sign from their god. What they received was old radio dramas and sitcoms from the UK, and they believed it was their god showing them the ‘proper’ was to live. They completely overhauled their civilization, to reflect Victorian England both in looks and in behavior. So thus, Daemon cities are rather ‘old fashioned’ in appearance, despite the advanced technology. They also tend to wear fancy suits and dresses, trying to jazz up their rather homely appearance. Despite overhauling their civilization, they still kept advancing in technology, and were able to send Voyager-like probes into space prior to being discovered. And when they were discovered, they eagerly accepted advanced technology from other more advanced races, and quickly found themselves up to par with most other technological races.

Feio herself is a rather hilly and green planet, dotted with very old and large forests. There are several continents, six in total, all habited, except for the north and south poles for obvious reasons. The names of the four habitable continents are Stiks, Vigel, Mourtana, and Denera. The continents are separated by saltwater seas, and there are several large freshwater lakes marring the planet. Most of the planet is industrialized, with the majority of the population living in cities. The rest tend to live in the country side, raising livestock and living off the land. Many of the large predators that used to threaten the Daemon people have been eradicated to extinction, so there is nothing to fear in terms of wildlife on the planet. Now in terms of wildlife you can expect to find many species of birds, fish, small reptiles, and hoofed mammals. The planet’s climate is slightly chilly and rainy, and the majority of the land can be classified as small marshes and wetland. Feio has four other planets in her solar system, and all of them are uninhabited, and Feio has two moons. Not many races tend to visit Feio, due to the fear of the Daemon people, but they welcome visitors with open arms, and any visitor can be expected to be treated nicely while staying there. They don’t really export much, but the planet produces skilled doctors, as well as Generals and other tacticians.

Feio is rule by monarchies, and every continent is their own nation, with their own ruling family. The monarchies themselves are composed of royal families spanning back generations, and the most powerful figurehead in these families is the queen. However, there are checks and balances in place to keep these families from abusing their power, the biggest being that the people won’t hesitate to revolt if they are displeased with how things are being run. Indeed, Feio has been the scene of several extremely bloody revolutions over the years. In fact, Feio itself has had several WW1 style wars among themselves, and many of the older inhabitants of the planet are war veterans. Despite the disagreements with each other, Feio has managed to unite in more than one occasion, the biggest was a summit held to figure out how to interact with the new visitors on their planet when they were discovered. Ambassadors to the galactic council are usually from the royal families and are usually never a civilian. Each continent has their own style of culture (similar to the different nations on Earth), though everyone speaks the same language, with minor differences in accents and slang. Currently there isn’t any wars going on in the planet, but that is always subject to change.

Daemons are a rather religious race, most of the different nations have their own demi-gods and other supernatural beings, ‘patron deities’ if you will. However, they do have a singular god in common, a Goddess named ‘Ruckus’ who they believe was responsible for ‘showing them the way’, which was what they believe the radio signals they received to be. They don’t believe their religion to be necessarily right religion, and they unlike Zuranians rarely become zealous or preachy. Their religion, unlike other kinds, has not hindered their technological progress or scientific exploration, and they believe advances in science and medicine to be divine gifts in of themselves. As a race, they value politeness, wit, intelligence, and compassion, and though they will try to find a peaceful solution for a problem first, they are more than able to defend themselves if things were to get ugly. Daemons tend to end up as either doctors or soldiers, but are well rounded enough to be just about anything they can imagine. Despite their frightening looks, Daemons are great to have around, mostly because of their habit of buying a round of drinks in exchange for a good story.
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