Mythology Map Picture

A map for my mythology of Sky and Geo Keronians (changed them to Geo instead of Earth)

Country Name/Symbol

Sky Keron/Wings: The mainland of Sky Keron. It is in the clouds (hence the white outline). Only worth Keronians may reach it. This is the land on where the Sky Goddess herself lives.

Narizari/Electrified staff: The land of Sky Keronians where it is mainly formed of striker forces. These Keronians represent the element of air and happen to be the fastest Keronians alive. Subaya, one of the Sky Goddess's three main retainer live here and leads the army of Narizari.

Shiroyuki/Blue Snowflake: This is now a deceased land and has a new faction to it. The previous Shiroyuki is a land where it always snows. The Keronians here posses magic capabilities. Shuhan, another one of the Sky Goddess's retainers, lives here and leads the armies here. It is now a land of ice sculpture nightmares that have come to life, swearing vengeance on whoever destroyed Shiroyuki. These Keronians happen to represent water.

Shikitsuki/White Hand: This land is also a land of strikers like Narizari. The difference in these Keronians are that they prefer to fight at night and strike swiftly like silent wind (in other words... they are very swift with their arms rather than legs). This land is now led by the third retainer of the Sky Goddess, Shitsuki, the warrior of the moon.

Umisui/Crossed Crescent: This land is submerged under the sea and is very hard to reach. The city itself is surrounded by an air bubble. This land also happens to have mages and represents water. This land is mainly used to salvage supplies from wrecked ships that usually get blasted right above them. Umisui Keronians then use the salvaged parts to benefit Sky Keron.

Geo Keron/Elemental Compass: This is the main land of all Geo Keronians and is the home to the Geo God. This land is rich is resources and trains Keronians aligned to the Earth and Fire elements.

Shinomori/Hex Forest: A small island off of the mainland of Geo Keron. This land is filled with forests and has rich soil to grow plants. This island is tied to the element of earth. However, they are in constant war against Hinoshima. The reason for the start of these constant wars are unknown. The sturdy forests of Shinomori are a great place to train sturdy guardians for Geo Keron.

Tambori/Spearhead: The top peninsula of the southern Geo Keron island. This land is very populated and also has rich soil to grow plants, but not as rich as Shinomori. This is also an ideal place to train guards for Geo Keron, and is also a home to one of the Geo God's retainers, Keiei, who trains Keronians of Earth to be guardians.

Hinoshima/Fire Flower: A land filled with rich soils, but has an occasional volcano located in it. The Keronians here usually live underground, mining all of the metal ore that the land happened to have a huge abundance of. One of the Geo God's retainers, Hinoko, lives here. The entrance to the mines are located in a forest that was untouched by the volcano, which Hinoko's forces protect at all times. These Keronians represent fire and train rangers of Geo Keron.

Kintaiyo/Golden Star: The eastern peninsula of the southern island of Geo Keron. This land is very warm and is rich in gold. They usually trade it to Hinoshima Keronians for their metal. This land represents fire as well, and is led by The third retainer of the Earth God, Kuronichi, the warrior of the sun.

Dark Islands/unknown symbol: These islands are mysterious and must not be approached at all costs, as all armies that approached these islands have disappeared without word. Void Keronian forces are assumed to come from these islands. No one knows how they have came to existed, but they are there on these islands.
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