So I Dumpidy Dumped Picture

I have lots of things just sitting around, not being finished. Maybe one day I'll get the muse to finish :'D

1. Believe this is Skoll, from Norse mythology, but it could be Haiti. He is a rather old sketch that I plan on using for a T-Shirt, when I eventually get around to doing things like that. For now, have what I consider a pretty realistic sketch. There is going to be a second sketch (of Haiti if this is Skoll)
2. I like painting, but it is hard and I never finish. Per usual, this has been unfinished for months. I sketched out this bust of Zazzy at the beginning of this year, and colored it some time later. I've gotten stuck on the horns and hair. And I should probs fix the mouth.
3. Collab design with
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