Ifrit Picture

Possibly the proudest and most arrogant of the demonic peoples, the ifrit are fire and flame given mind and soul. Created by God himself before the first man was made of mud and dirt, the ifrit see themselves as superior beings and the rightful heirs to the world. Because of this attitude, they refused to obey their maker, and were banished from the heavens. Some of them took refuge on earth, using their shapeshifting powers to live practically unnoticed among humans, while others found their ways into the Underworlds where they soon established cities and castles of their own. As fickle and devouring as fire itself, the ifrit live quite good lives within the Inferno, collecting and feeding on the bones of the dead. But they've never really forgiven how they where thrown out from what they see as rightfully theirs.

Even to this day most ifrits despise the humans (or "the muck-people" as they call us), both out of disgust over "those primitive, smelly apes", as well some sort of deep-rooted jealously. You see, even if the ifrit are far stronger and wealthier than the most extraordinary human, they never recieved the Gift of Wisdom. An ifrit can burn a city to ash in a few hours and move mountains, but would never be able to break a promise or tell a truth from a lie. Thus the ifrit society is ancient and rich in tradition and lore, and at the same time very poor in art and philosophy; also social issues are often left unnoticed. Unable to make moral decisions by themselves, they are practically dependent on a complex system of old, outdated laws (They're obviously not written by the ifrits themselves, as they lack the ability to do so. The actual origin of the laws are still unknown, or at least a very wellkept secret) to keep their society running. The laws are sacred to the Ifrit, and they must be obeyed at any cost.

But do not think that ifrits are mindless or stupid, as that's far from the truth. Ifrits are as much thinking, feeling individuals as humans, they're just blind to morals and tend to follow orders without questions. Nor are they iheritaly evil; ifrit society places great importance in order and justice, even if they have no real idea what it actually is. This mindset, combined with their awesome power and speed, makes them extremely interesting to various lords and dukes of the Underworlds, who sometimes manages to make themselves rulers over an ifrit city and gain incredible might by bending the laws in their favour. The other lords and demons usually try to ignore these conquerors, as the politics of Hell are already messed up enough as they are, but some still fear that an event like this could very well turn into a civil war in Hell, which would have devastating effects. As for now, the ifrit are relatively peaceful, but something is stirring in the deepest pits of the Abyss. Something that could make the ifrit the least of Hell's worries...

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand... DONE! Pheeew!
Painting a creature loosely based on Arabian/Islamic mythology takes 4 hours.
Writing a far too long and far too confusing description that hardly even I read takes almost a whole week. So yeah, I'm pretty damn tired of writing this now, so I'll cut it short now. Basically, ifrit are djinns, genies, that you can read more about here: [link] . I took many liberties with the design and background story, so these are more like the Scythe Girl universe's version of them. This is a work of fiction and does not in any way represent any religion or actual occult being. I'm just a sucker for folklore and mythology, which is why the world of Scythe Girl is a mishmash of anything that I find interesting and/or cool.

So, I finally got that out off my system, so now I can move on to other stuff. All comments are read and I'll try to answer them all, honest. Questions, constructive critique, pointers, anything. And as for the technical stuff, this was drawn in Photoshop with a digital tablet, using one layer, three colors and a couple of different brushes. I like working that way, especially when painting fire and rust, which is great fun. Well, it's off to bed for me now. Have fun, play it safe, and don't try to shave your eyebrows without a mirror. Seriously, that's just dumb.
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