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Lady midday/Poludnica - according to Slavic beliefs she is a malicious and murderous demoness whitch hunt for these, which careless stay on filed at noon. She kills adults (e.g. scytheman or ploughman whitch works in sunshine) and often kidnap children whitch was playing on field borders. Sometimes she satisfy herself causing “just” losing consciousness or bring a terrible headache.
Storys shows her like paleface woman with white clothing. Her face is always sterny.
If in the quiet day, fields of cereals suddenly start to roll it was clear that she is close. Especially she likes
lupin fildes. Ther wasn't defence -you just should avoid stay on filde in this time, especially you should be careful about nap on a fild in a noon. Sleeping one was her moste desirable prey. She don't like shade so shadow of a tree was pwrfect place in midday - this place was inaccessible for that demon.

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