The Leap of Faith - Mercury's POV Picture


So I was trying to write a sci-fi thriller which I've titled 'Into Olympus'. It takes place in a fictional city which I'm just calling... Olympus - Oooh, bet you didn't see that one coming lol. It's set in a surreal, dystopian future; When mankind runs out of room for real estate, they have only one direction to build... up. The city has evolved into an unimaginably massive, well... mountain of concrete, carbon steel and glass. It is of course based loosely on Grecko-Roman mythology with characters that are more or less the gods incarnate. The main character is codenamed Mercury. He is a mysterious character with the ability to consciously trigger adrenaline rushes within his own body, and can push his heart rate to nearly four times that that which a normal human is capable of. This allows him to perform insane stunts of agility and acrobatics. He gets a seemingly ordinary job as a delivery boy, but before long, he discovers a plot that could change the world forever...

Here is a drawing I did of a scene that takes place later on in the story, from Mercury's point of view. It's my second pov drawing ever too
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