Dracaviquus Prize Adopt - Los Muertos-inspired Picture

A prize for a contest over on GaiaOnline. As such, s/he is watermarked until such a time that s/he has an owner. At that time, I will remove the watermark and instead place beside him/her the name to whom s/he belongs.
A species of my own creation, the Dracaviquus. A hybrid creature with features of dragon lineage, some sort of great mythological bird, and pony. Key features of the species are the thin feathery top of the tail, a slightly elongated snout, catlike pupils, feathery-coverted leathery wings, and hooftalons. The fluff underneath the thin top of the tail may be fur or feather, same for the mane and forelock "crest".

The coloration is loosely based on the colorful patterns and color combinations of Dia los Muertos art/makeup/etc. Very loosely. Really, the only part that could be considered having been from it at all is the skull pattern, the white hooves, and the eelstripe down the tail. I'd had a hard time coming up with a suitable, interesting color scheme, so when I saw a much more culturally correct los-Muertos pony, I decided that that would be my inspiration for a palette. I needed an excuse to break up the black and red I had wanted to default to in the first place.
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