Ironically Less Apathetic Picture

Despite all my anger, all my hate, all my disdain for the general whole of humanity, even I have found it strange how much more sympathetic I am to the poor unfortunate wretched souls of this world than many of the so-called normal "innocent" people of society are. Although I'm not the most loving and compassionate person who ever lived, and certainly not the most forgiving, let it never be said that I am without pity.

I have often watched certain movies, and found myself sympathizing more with the villain or monster and sometimes hating the hero, because in some instances the villain isn't so much evil as much as they are a mere victim of circumstance, and even in real life, while others would condemn those labeled "criminal" I find myself meditating on the nature of the crime, who was really hurt by said crime, and what led them to commit said crime. It's important to remember that terms like "good" and "bad" are relative terms, and are highly subject to perception, and indeed if you were to place yourself in the place of some who are called "criminals" you might find that you would have behaved similarly...though I do hold that certain crimes like rape and cold-blooded unmitigated murder are most universally bad.

A large part of the problem with this world is that so many people are complacent conformists who never question the validity and morality of the so-called norm. They never question the status quo. They never question the laws of the land, or those who write the laws of the land. They never question authority. They never question the philosophies they've been bred to believe. Some people just go through life never questioning anything, and just go along with the flow and believe whatever they're told by those who they have been bred to believe are trustworthy and right. Frankly, these types of people are a poor example of life. The whole reason you have a mind is so you can question and evaluate any and everything that you are exposed to. Simply because something is considered normal or generally accepted by the majority does not mean it is right. Just because an answer is simple does not mean it is the right answer. The most ignorant people in the world are not those who cannot read and write, but those who never question what they think they know. This is why there is the old saying that only a fool thinks himself wise, for a wise man knows himself to always be a fool.

Though I am highly critical and generally vindictive, I am not often judgmental; certainly not anywhere near as judgmental as most members of society. You see there is a great difference between criticizing someone and judging someone. When you criticize someone you are merely pointing out their flaws. When you judge someone, you condemn them for their flaws. It is rare that I will ever truly judge people. I may viciously criticize them for their faults and misdeeds, but I don't often seek to condemn people for them, as people can change and ultimately the idea is to encourage them to better themselves. I'll admit though that with all my hate and anger it might seem as though I seek people's damnation when I dish out my snarky cold criticism, but I tend to see myself as being akin to how certain demons and fairies were portrayed in ancient myths. In today's ideologies such beings are seen as entirely evil and antagonistic, but in many older mythologies they were harsh tricksters and teachers who used fear and pain to invoke changes in the hearts of men. I mean, let's not forget which spirit it really was that made Ebenezer Scrooge turn his life around in "A Christmas Carol".
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