Moksha - Salvation Picture

Harish Chandra Ghat

Harish Chandra Ghat is one of the oldest Ghats of Varanasi.
Harish Chandra Ghat is name after a mythological King Harish
Chandra, who once worked at the cremation ground here for
the perseverance of truth and charity. It is believed that the
Gods rewarded him for his resolve, charity and truthfulness and
restored his lost throne and his dead son to him. Harish
Chandra Ghat is one of the two cremation Ghats (the other
being Manikarnika Ghat) and is some times referred as Adi
Manikarnika (the original creation ground). Hindus from distant
places bring the dead bodies of their near and dear ones to the
Harish Chandra Ghat for cremation. In Hindu mythology it is
believed that if a person is cremated at the Harish Chandra
Ghat, that person gets salvation or "moksha".
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