Digimon Frontier: Old Robin Picture

Note: Updated with a full body picture, with an updated style.

This is incredibly nostalgic to me. This was the very first human character I ever created meant for the Digimon franchise, back when I first watched Digimon Frontier which inspired me to finally make a human (up to this point, I had only created the two digimon dragon brothers) This character hasn't even been drawn in this outfit for years, which was her original design back then when I created her at the age of 13.

Yes, I know, the Spirits of Lightning hardly seem to make sense considering that the Spirits of Thunder was used in the official series, but I didn't really care about that back then and trying to change it now eight years later is pretty much pointless. The character was created for the sake of fun, no more, no less.


Character Backstory: Miss Yoshida, having given birth to twins, wasn't able care for both of them because of economical difficulties. The biological father convinced Miss Yoshida that he would provide for one of the children to ease the burden, therefore took one of the twins along with him. However, the father soon realized that even he couldn't provide for the young child, so he decided that he would "give" her away to someone willing to adopt her.

Miss Yamamoto, a successful business woman, was his prime "client" for this matter, since he had heard rumors that the woman in question couldn't bear children of her own due to medical conditions. Miss Yamamoto expressed her desire to adopt the child, so the father took the money, disowned the child and disappeared. The child was given the name of Robin by Miss Yamamoto, having remained nameless up to this point, inspired by Yamamoto's intress for overseas birds.

Robin and her brother knew nothing about each other during their younger years. Miss Yamomoto didn't even know that Ryan existed, since the father had never mentioned him. The biological mother, Yoshida, felt too ashamed to admit that she had let one of her children go in the first place, so Robin's existance was never mentioned by her. Ryan only learned of his twin sister from his grandmother and the siblings finally met face to face at the age of 14, in the Digital World.

Name: Robin Yamamoto
Nickname: Rob, Yamamoto-san, Cold jerk(only by a fellow frontier, Cloe)
Gender: Female
Age: 14-15-16 (during the stories she was featured in)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Family: Miss Yamamoto(adoptive-mother) Ryan Yoshida(twin brother)
Trademark: None
Favorite Animal(s): Canines
Favorite Color(s): Black, Green
Personality: Often silent and keeping to herself, Robin is rarely the first one to start a conversation but is usually the first one to end it. After having been very shy and quiet growing up, she had trouble socializing with people of her own age, and she proved to favor solitude more than the company of people.

At first sight, she might appear arrogant, but her offhand manner disguises a deep capacity for friendship. Her devotion and loyalty have few equals, as she bonds very strongly to those that manages to earn her friendship. Robin is fiercely protective and spares little mercy for those that dare to bring any shape of harm upon those she cares for. It is said that Robin can smile, but she never laughs.

Likes: Peace and quiet, solitude, chocolates
Dislikes: Crowds, rude people, failure, bitter foods
Interests: Mythology, Fencing
Spirit: Lightning
D-Scanner Color: Black and Green


Spirit Forms

Chosen Warrior: Robin
Pico Spirit: Kleindramon
Human Spirit: Gramon
Beast Spirit: Donnermon
Z-type Spirit:
Ancient Spirit:


I don't own the Digimon franchise.
I own the character of Robin Yamamoto.
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