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*Old* Future places in my unfinished series. *Old* (Temple of Time just symbolizes that I've put some weight on time traveling. It will not be included in the fanfiction itself. I had plans to include it in the animated fanfiction a very long time ago, but that idea is no longer an actual idea.) EDIT: (The animated series is cancelled. However, scenes from the fanfiction itself, will be visualized at a later time.)

###This description is dynamic and will always be updated with info!###

Fanfiction Status: Not finished.


Pinkamena awakes from a condition which caused her to commit a terrible crime back in Equestria. She tries to escape what she has done, but everything is not as it seems. She suddenly finds herself in a world of surreality, revealing memories Pinkamena never knew she had. She's accompanied by Derpy as they're both trying to return back to Equestria, escaping the altered reality.


Contains: Dark Atmosphere, Gore, Horror, Ambience, Tragedy.

Genre: Science fiction, Horror, Drama.

*Upcoming Releases*

- Ghost (custom mane + hexed).
- 1 video with two of the characters from the fiction (won't spoil anything).
- 1 picture of each of the above.

^Also, all video making is put on hold due to the Garry's Mod 13 update, which made all of my addons broken. When "H.A.T" is fully updated to where it was, only then I can finish my current video. In the meantime, I'll stick with model hexing, writing and pictures whenever I do that kind of stuff.^


Here's Episode 1: [link]

Episode 2's title will be: "The Shape Of Things To Come". In this episode, Pinkamena needs to make a difficult choice.... This episode became more heavily written with content than I thought. In the first episode it's mostly actions, but this one changes how you look at Pinkamena. Just like in the other episode, there will be horror in this one as well.

Episode 3's title will be: "Crossroads" This is where the journey itself begins. After being told what kind of world our main characters live in and what is after them, they decide to go straight to business at once.

I'll update some episode descriptions, like 1-2 episodes ahead. Everything depends on which maps I can use and stuff like that. *Note: The info above is outdated as I'm going to write the fanfic instead, but I just let this text stay here just to show my earlier plans.*


If you know about ponies or if you are a brony, then I would assume that you've either read or heard of the fanfic: "Cupcakes". This is also an element in this fictional story, but it's not an continuation of that story. It's a part of Pinkamena in this series. As for her role it's an important part, though she has other important roles as well from her past which are not from any fanfiction.

I have only watched the Gmod version of "Cupcakes", so that's how I've heard of it: [link]


(July/7th/2012) Update: Now that I've been writing alot of dialogues and notes, I can surely tell that there will be a ton of content! Even though the story is not finished it's still a twist! By that I mean since the series isn't finished, then the story isn't as well, but I know how it will end and I got the main story content and everything important finished. The idea is complete, but has holes in it that needs to be filled, but that will be somewhat related to the story as well.

(October/11th/2012) Update: I've decided to write the whole fanfic, then I'll make the scenes where the action takes place in Gmod, both in video and pictures. Wouldn't that be better than just include subtitles all the time in my videos? That's the plan at least. I only want to improve.
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