Mythology wars Picture

Warp everyone's favorite Star Wars characters to ancient Egypt and what would they look like? Learning more about mythology is always fun, so I tried to incorporate as much of the original Egyptian myth and look as possible.

I figured that Yoda fits the part of Anubis because Anubis is the jackal, the guide for the dead, just as Yoda is Luke's guide, even after his death.

Luke is Horus, the falcon, and the fateful son of the father god Osiris. Also, falcons are typically symbols of messages from the gods, and Luke fights on the side of the Force, the energy that moves the universe.

Leia fights for what she believes in and finds love and family along the way, so I depicted her as Bast, the cat goddess of love and joy, who also knows how to fight to defend her family.

And Vader, of course, is Set, brother of Osiris and master of destruction and chaos. According to legend, Set killed Osiris, the good brother, and tried to take his place as ruler of Egypt. In Star Wars, Anakin's dark side takes over and he ends up losing sight of what means most to him, leading him to fight his allies and kill the woman he loves.

This was a really fun idea to play with
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