Ullr Picture

Ullr, Norse god of skiing and hunting. He was a very popular deity during the Migration Period, and he's the namesake of several places all over Scandinavia (among others my native municipality, Ullensaker). By the viking age, his popularity had faded a great deal, so since there are no written sources from before the 1100s not a great deal is known about him. Mystery is fascinating, though, so it's cool.

The sky is hideously smudged in places, this is mostly because I did it in school, where only shitty erasers are available (I always have a poor excuse like that when something goes wrong, don't I). Also, the value looks more uniform in the original. I had to play with some sliders when scanning it, and that unfortunately had some negative side-effects.
Shading-wise, you might have noticed that I tried going for something of a comic-book thing, as opposed to the more/less realistic (I'm not sure yet) approach that I usually do. I think that worked pretty well, but do feel free to state your opinion. Feedback is always nice.
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