(-Better Days-) [W.I.P] Picture

I completely understand that you may personally be pondering: "Jersey, why do you use the song 'Better Days' written and produced by Breaking Benjamin so frequently? It's been used over Three times already! Jeez!" Okay, you have got to be fooling, correct? Many of my Watchers should have learned this by now- It's a terrible habit of mine! Take "Life Starts Now," for example! Why-
Okay, okay. I shall stop stalling. What you're truly pondering is likely and has the greatest possibility of taking the form of: "Jersey, who could this Feline possibly be? I cannot seem to recognize his design, is he a Character?" Though I do not wish to reveal such important information inside of a mere W.I.P, I shall confirm that the Cat shown idling above is eventually set to take the place as a brand-new, Tom-Cat Character. His name is not to be shared at this moment in time, but I can verify that he has a wide array of personality Traits, such as Chipper yet extremely Anti-Social. He is quite friendly, though it is very difficult for him to create new friends and allies. He is based off of a Computers' Operating System, and this shall cause a major drawback in his personality and life, otherwise and commonly referred to in Greek Mythology as a "Fatal Flaw." e hasn't the Theme Song just yet, though there are a few options place upon the table. His story is also in the making, and he carries a distant connection with a previous Character of mine, he who may end up given away with one mere question in mind: "How could a Cat have a mind set similar to that of a Computers'?"
Hopefully this shall be completed soon!
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