Lilituth Picture

Lilituth ('lilitu' female spirit in the Akkadian Language [link] + Lilith, the 1st wife of Abam in Jewish mythology [link]) [Ghost/Poison]

PokeDex: It's usually found in temples or places of worship. It give off hallucinogenic gas, very simuler to incense, so is often seen a deity as a result. it uses it's gas to take the life force from person it has intoxicated.

Idea: This is the frist idea I had for a Ghost type. I wonted too make something to do with Christian/Jewish mythology, and hallucinogenic incense use to invoke the power of deities. Then I remember how the Virgin Mary would appear for young Catholic girl, so I gave it a wimple and robes based that of a on a Catholic prest. I wanted too get an analgie on the incense idea, so i came-up with the idea of vampiers.

It can evolve from any female Lilawat, when levelled up holding 'Rare Incense' at night.

Stage 1; Lilawat [link]
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