At Least We're Together Picture

What a lot we are.

A kid. Brownie boy. A country between him and home. And he chose to be here. A bit of pain and jubilation in him. He carries out his duties like any other, but it's clear he ain't displeased with himself bein' here. Maybe he doesn't have anywhere else to be. Or anywhere else he wants to be. And that's why he's with us.

"Might as well just stay. The trip ain't worth it." He tells me.

A girl. Tall nymph lady. Business is slow today. Slowest it's been for weeks. When the activity levels reached zero she could have trekked by to her place of origin to find whoever's left and celebrate, but she's rooted the inn. No customers for miles. No incoming or outgoing gold. Just a stocked kitchen and a few mouths to feed. Don't ask much why she chose to stay. Plenty of reasons to get away. Her reasons are probably valid, but I'll never really know.

A little demon. No real origin. No real purpose. Picked up by a world-weary drifter with no place to go. Figured they could go nowhere together. Probably her first year on this Earth. No real reasoning behind her being here. She just chooses to be.

And me.

Kid asks me why I'm here. Reciprocates my curiosity.

I tell him the war missed a spot and leave it at that.

Girl brings out a big plate of pheasant and berries. The little lady carts out a few smaller dishes and lines them up.

Kid and I set the utensils and glasses. Tend to the berry cobbler.

It's all a bit surreal.

Take a step back and let my mind see what my eyes are lookin' at finally.

Lookin' at a kid who respects those around him.
A girl who puts herself below others.
And a little lady who's yet to find somethin' to hate.



Didn't do nothin' to deserve this.

But I'm thankful I'm here.

I didn't intend that final horrible line to be being thankful. But that's how it turned out so bleh.

Thanksgiving isn't all that iconic or worth it. It's pretty fuckin' American. A day in which we gorge ourselves on overly fat food and then watch football. But it's also a time for family and shit and that's really nice.

So here's a thing. A bit of expression for implicit character development or something. But I'm not gonna chew your ears off about why I obsess over not just telling people shit. So...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Go eat ham.


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