Land of Ice Picture

The Ice Mountains are aptly named, seeing as they are made completely of ice. Or at least, something very much like it. The only things that live there are the ice dragons, ancient, not quite corporeal beings who retain only a superficial resemblence the dragons of traditional mythology. They live by comsuming the raw, archaic magic that the mountains generate, and then expelling the proscessed remnants back into the world. It is said that the ice dragons are the reason the wolrd is so full of manageble magic, but no one has yet to prove this.

No human has passed through the Ice Mountains, and some say they simply stretch away north wards for ever and ever. But the older legends tell differently. They tell that there is something at the northern end of the Ice Mountains, a place know only as Beyond. Beyond the forests, Beyond the desert, Beyond the mountains, and Beyond the very realm of material existance, there is a place that is the very essence of Beyond.

Spoooooky. Lots o' spoooooky things up there. >.> I love it! This pic was drawn a few years ago for a calendar I was illustrating, and was the picture for February. I feel I have imporved quite a bit since then, but this one still remains one of my favorites. I think the sky might have something to do with this.

ANYWAY: Pen and watercolor of paper. All things described above are the intellectual property of ~Agent-Elrond and if you should dare steal them I WILL KNOW! And I will throw you to the ice dragons or so help me! Grrrrr.

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