Yatagarasu, The Raven Spirit Picture

The final part in the Legendary Three, the other two being the hydra, Nessus and Lorraizar, the leviathan/snake. They are somewhat influenced by the Three Legendary Sannin from Naruto with this depiction of Yatagarasu being in the role of Tsunade or her spirit partner.

I've also redesigned some parts of her concept to make her look less similar to Frightmare/Nocturne, the dream ghost.

Name: Yatagarasu
Age: Immortal
Sex: Female
Species: Beast spirit
Place of birth: Ghost Zone
Body ability: Silver eyed sight
Fighting style: Evavise
Heritage: Japanese origin
Relic she uses: Eyes of The Raven (shown holding them in her beak in the picture)
Spirit Partner: Arcadia Nocturne
Current status: Released/alive
Character pros: Wise understanding, cunning and crafty thinking, specialist in medical herbs
Character flaws: Sadistic nature (though not as sadistic as Lorraizar), incompassionate tone, sometimes becomes a little too arrogant.


One of the Legendary Three with the other two being Nessus the Hydra and Lorraizar the Leviathan, Yatagarasu is the only female member of three. She bears a cruel, but wise personality. She inflicted pain on those who deserved it for their crimes or for certain rewards/exchanges.

Yatagarasu was abandoned by her family when her mother had been killed by the toad spirit, Kinopio. The creature had wanted revenge against the raven spirit for stealing the water from him and not forgiving him for his deed. However, one of the eggs managed to fall out and role into the Spectral Forests of the Ghost Dimension/Zone and landed in the presence of a young Azazel Shinigami, who was in the Spectral Forests trying to perfect a vampiric technique. Feeling sympathy for the egg, he took with him, deciding to give it warmth until it was old enough to hatch.

When it hatched, a small raven chick with silver eyes and three legs had emerged from the egg's remains. When Azazel went to pick up the small creature, the raven stepped away from him quickly, sensing his prescence. It was then that the raven explained to Azazel that it was blind, but it could still see him through sensing the blood in his undead veins.

Deciding to think up a solution, Azazel worked and constructed two round, silver eyes for the young bird, to serve as something that would help her see if she ever needed a spirit partner. The young bird laughed at the thought of it, saying that she did not need any other mortals or immortals to guide her. Still, curiousity had taken hold of her in its firm grip like an eagle strangling a mouse between its claws, and she wanted to learn more about the Ghost Dimension.

Azazel told her everything he had known, but what really interested her was the existence of three other realms known as Gaia, Hell, and Heaven. Azazel told her nothing of Cero Hell or the Necro Realm for her safety. Azazel then thought of a name for her and it was Yatagarasu, the name of the bird from Japanese mythology who possessed three legs.

When she was old enough to fly and defend herself, Yatagarasu left her "father," deciding to improve her strength and wisdom. Even though she was blind, that did not stop her from using her strength when necessary.

On her travels, she had met Nessus, the hydra who was named after the very same centaur responsible for the death of Hercules (Nessus is the name of a centaur who's blood killed Hercules.), spying on female spirits bathing. Disgusted with his perverted ways, Yatagarasu flew by and attempted to gouge out one of his eyes on his heads with her claws. She did not need to know what he was doing anyway, but the scar she had left on his center head was worth inflicting the punishment on a complete stranger.

The hydra apologized for what he had done, deciding not to let his perverted nature get the best of him while Yatagarasu was with him. The two of them had become close friends ever since that encounter.

Eventually, they were introduced to Lorraizar by the demon god, Malefontes. Yatagarasu had some suspicions of the young snake demon at first, but as time passed, the two of them developed an uneasy sister/brother type of relationship that looked as if it would last for all eternity. Unfortunately, that would soon change.

Lorraizar had learned of his heritage and attempted to attack the Ghost Zone, destroying anything that crossed his path in the midst of his blind wrath. Nessus and Yatagarasu fought against the leviathan, but his power was far more stronger than that of the hydra and raven. They could not kill him due to his power and of the friendship they once had, so they could only seal him away and that is just what they did. However, Yatagarasu and Nessus decided to do the same in case they were never needed again.

Now in modern times, a sixteen year old Arcadia traveled through the Ghost Zone until she came across an old temple where Yatagarasu had been sealed in. Unwillingly, Arcadia had read the description and when she had done that, Yatagarasu, sensing the presence of someone releasing her, emerged and tore out the eyes of Arcadia. Regretting what she had done, Yatagarasu used the two large silver eyes that Azazel had given her, replacing Arcadia's eyes with the two relics.

Since her encounter with Arcadia, Yatagarasu has served her new spirit partner for two years now, protecting her from any threat she may run into.

Powers and abilities:

Yatagarasu, despite being blind, has strong phsyical strength. She is able to "see" her friends and enemies by sensing the blood in their veins. This however does not depend on whether or not the person or thing has cold or warm blood. She is also capable of flying or moving at swift speeds. Her element of course is water while those of Lorraizar and Nessus are wind and earth respectively. Also, she possesses the ability to merge with her spirit partner.

Dark Tsunami: Creates large gusts of wind which transform into large tsunamis that crush anything in their path. The drawback is that the ability does not do much damage against larger spirits.

Triple punishment: Strikes the opponent's main pressure points with her three talons, paralyzing them so that they cannot use ectosoul and it also damages blood veins so that they blood cannot flow. This ability is a very tricky one to use and she has to make sure to strike the right points of the body and at which parts the blood flows.

Cursed Murder: By plucking away one of her feathers, the feather is able to transform into a murder of crows which descend upon her enemies.

Silver Eyed Sight: Allows her to see the blood flow of her enemies so that she can strike them. However, she does not always know which one to strike.

Resurrection of Water: Her most powerful ability. She summons up the water that her mother had once taken from the toad and with a powerful call, she is able to summon a water version of her own image which quickly consumes everyone and everything. This ability has a very dangerous drawback as it drains Yatagarasu of all of the water in her body, leaving her extremely parched.


The Priestess: Arcadia's hybrid form. Her arms become wings and her feet turn into talons, giving her the appearance of a harpy. She also grows an extra set of eyes that belong to Yatagarasu

The Shadow Talon: The perfect form of Arcadia and Yatagarasu. Arcadia becomes a beautiful, angelic creature with the wings of Yatagarasu. This form is said to be the sister counterpart of Nessus and is even more merciless towards evil ones.


Yatagarasu is immortal outside of any part of Tartarus/the Ghost Dimension or Zone, unless if she is injured by anti ghost weaponry or an ancient relic. Her blindness, being her major weakness, leaves her unable to sense her opponents and in a place full of sand or water, it is considered too dangerous for her to fly there. Like any spirits, Yatagarasu is vulnerable to the radiation of Cero Hell, a place for more powerful demons. Also, her usage of water based abilites gradually drains her body of water.

Finally, if the spirit partner dies, so does the spirit guardian, regardless of power.


1. She is based off and named after Yatagarasu of Japanese mythology, a raven with three legs. Appearance wise of course.

2. Her personality is similar to Saphira from the Inheritance Triology.

3. Yatagarasu plays somewhat of a nod to Tsunade from Naruto in some sense.

4. Originally, she was going to be drawn as a humanoid creature, but was changed at the last minute.


Nocturne/Frightmare (c) Butch Hartman
Naruto and Tsunade (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Saphira and the Inheritance Triology (c) Christopher Paolini
Lorraizar and (if I already mentioned him) Vanth Leviathan (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
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