tf fc: soarinclash Picture

one of my transformers characters. he's from the prime universe. i actually drew him a while ago. But i still want to show you guys.

Name: Soarinclash (soaring clash)
Gender: male
age: not known precisely. But he claims to be around middle adulthood.
faction: neutral, but a former autobot
alt mode: european dragon

personality: soarinclash is a nice person, but kind of a loner. He tends to take a long time to actually trust someone. As he has had bad experiences with trusting others. He's hard to anger. but once he's angry, he can be very aggressive.

backstory: Soarinclash started off as an autobot. The warrior type. And has been in a lot of battles, miracously surviving them all. Once he was called to earth, he met up with optimus. Only to tell him that he no longer wanted to be an autobot, but a neutral instead. Optimus respected his decision and let him go his own way.

He has stayed on earth though. And has picked up Some earth mythologies. More specifically, mythologies of the middle ages. Seeing the stories of the knights that supposedly fought mighty dragons, he decided he'd like to be one of them. Not being able to choose, he decided his alt mode to be a dragon, while deciding to make his robot mode resemble a knight.

He still roams the earth, looking for nice places to visit. though not being able to actually visit them. Due to to the humans usually walking around. So he just tends to fly over them. It might be possible that some humans have seen glimpses of him, but he has not yet endangered being discovered.

abilities: Having no long range weapons, he fights from up close. Using his sword to slash his enemies in robot mode, whilst in dragon mode uses his talons to attack them. In dragon mode, he can spew a large blue flame. And when on the ground he can ram them with his dragon head to knock them out of balance. he can fly in his robot mode using his wings.

weaknesses: He has a major phobia of water. He hasn't liked it ever since his arrival, and he still doesn't like it. He'll get in a serious panic state if he gets in contact with it. He also has weak spots on his wings, the flaps in between the frames of the wing. If they are damaged, he is either unable or it becomes hard for him to fly. which reduces his amount of attacks.

and that's all c:

Edit: Well that one knee looks painful, i just noticed :/
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