Hariette And Ami Picture

Hariette Dufort (Right)
Original name: Valkyrie
Age: 12

Magic: Psychic, Wave, & Tranformation
Relatives: Monica (Foster-sister), Deceased Foster Parents
Like: Singing & Monica
Dislikes: Chocolate & People who disses her friends
Birthday: March 10
Partner: Yoshi Dragnia
Relationship: Single
Personality: Hariette is a sorta tomboy-ish but she also love to wearing girly outfits. She's pretty quick-tempered when someone talks bad about her friend Yoshi.

History: Hariette was born blind and was abandoned at birth.
She was originally from another world, she was born in the world of mythology. Her name was Valkyrie, she was supposed to be known as the battle-hungry warrior of Valhalla. Hariette ended up being born with too much magic power. In order to save the village, her mother dumped her in the human world and choose to let them deal with her. She was discovered in the forest by her foster-sister Monica Dufort. After living with Monica for 6 years, she's realized that she has a demon living within her. After getting bullied by some boys from her village, she transformed unconsciously and attacked them viciously. Days after the attack, Monica and their father discussed that they should let Hariette go.
Monica doesn't want to leave her but their father thinks it's the best thing to do, Monica had second thoughts and decided maybe it should be best. Hariette transformed once again and destroyed half of the village, she wanted to kill everyone including her family. As an afterthought, Hariette decided to let them live and left. She spend 6 years alone until she met Yoshi Dragnia. He forced her to go on a job with him and eventually formed a strong bond. Ever since their encounter, she is only loyal to Yoshi.

Ami Dragonheart (Left)
Original name: Freya
Age: 12
Magic: Light & Transformation
Relatives: Orphan
Like: Daylight & Quiet places
Dislikes: Darkness
Birthday: April 14
Partner: N/A
Relationship: Single
Personality: Ami is very quiet, shy, and dedicated to Valkyrie (Hariette). She is only more comfortable whenever she's around Hariette.

History: Like Hariette, Ami was born from the world of mythology. She heard that she and Valkyrie (Hariette) are supposed to be partners to defend their world. She went to the human world to find her. Hariette refused after hearing about her origin and for what her mother did to her. Ami decided to be with Hariette until she changes her mind. Even though she doesn't smile, she felt very happy.

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