OC: Skeggi Picture

Earlier I wanted my OC Skeggi to be a human northman, who obsess a certain degree of shapeshifting power. However, I've decided to redo the character by turning him to a fantasy dwarf character (because dvergr/svartálfar = awesome). At least Skeggi has a much better reason to cast rune spells and channel the elements of earth. I'm considering to write lore and background for who can do such things and how. When it comes to animal totem and shapeshifting: I'm keeping that part to the northmen, who will also get more lore added.

For the time being, the characters, story and fantasy world is a bit clustered. Hopefully the progress will eventually get better somehow. I still have a northman called Ljótólfr, who is supposed to be the main character, as he travels around in the world for adventures, hoping to become a jarl one day. Once the main characters are in place, then more development of this world will be added.
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