Aurum Corrupted Beings Picture

A little while ago, *MegaGundamMan told me about this awesome new game called "Kid Icarus Uprising." I had not heard about it before, but after he had told me, I had decided to check it out, and it has to be one of the most awesome things I have ever played. There was so much to it, and I never thought it could be this awesome, and I was so happy to have played it.

One part about Kid Icarus Uprising that I liked the most however, was this new foe in the series called "The Aurum." The Aurum are an army of otherworldly, metallic, parasitic virus-type creatures who seek to consume and absorb everything they encounter in order to grow stronger and create more of them. The basic Aurums look like odd geometric-shaped metallic beings that are mostly gold, white, and black in color. However, there were also a ton of Aurum-corrupted versions of some of the various monsters of the normal kinds too, such as Aurum Corrupted Miks, Fire Wyrms, Specknoses, and more. I happen to be a big fan of these sorts of parasitic virus-style foes, and the Aurum were one of the coolest things in it, other than the Underworld beings. I also liked how they were more futuristic and intricate than most of the other stuff in Kid Icarus Uprising, contrasting greatly from most of the Greek Mythology-looking stuff in it.

Recently, I decided to draw what the Aurum Corrupted versions of certain other Kid Icarus monsters would look like. These three monsters did not have Aurum-Corrupted variants originally, but I decided to draw what they'd look like if they did.
From left to right is Aurum Blader, Aurum Lethinium, and Aurum Tortolunk. Man, these types of Aurum Corrupted Beings would've been so awesome if they were actually in the game too.
Originally, I was also going to draw an Aurum Snong and an Aurum Handora. I then decided to remove them because I didn't like how the Aurum Snong looked, and the Aurum Handora looked too much like the Aurum Lethinium.

Wasn't really much to draw them, but I tried to make them look as Aurum-like as possible. The Aurum Corrupted beings often times look like their former selves, but with more sharper and triangular looking features, a gold, white, and black color scheme, having black lines in places, and sometimes, their limbs also appear to float too. In Adobe Fireworks, there is this line-style that makes your drawn lines look like a cluster of dots, so I used a couple of those to make those odd digital-bit looking limbs on the Aurum Blader and Tortolunk here. I also added more glow and blur effects to make them also look similar. Finally, I drew the Aurum emblem behind them, and added more effects to make the emblem and the BG look very much like something you'd see with them.

Hope you enjoy this tribute that I made to Kid Icarus Uprising.
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