Xesia's Replacement Chibi Design -- Solaris Picture

atleast a first name.

It's pronounced: Soh-law-rus
She uses the nicknames "Solar" and "Soul". :3

I've been thinking a lot about refocusing on Iro Realm, my series that focuses on these characters:
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When I refocus, I tweak characters and the plot slightly. But, with Iro Realm, I just... ugh. It bores me now.

I really like Xesia and her design, but looking at her now I realize she looks and acts way too much like Froze from Gray Garden. She's a rip-off character. No fun, and totally uncool of me. Besides, she doesn't have too many quirks that I can add to her to make her more interesting. The plot's too much like Firefly, but the team's a bit more distant. Only one of them really smiles, and that's just because he's an ass.

But then I thought... spirits. Demigods. In my third series starring Friday and Rebide, you only hear about Demigods in mythology and the ones at the Turn of the Century. If you don't know what I mean by that, it's 2100, the year the mythos creatures switched to abnormal behaviors thanks to the bastard in the white shirt on the Iro Realm picture. Because of that century change, the Demigods born on that day and from then on had evil instincts.

So I thought... why not have a Demigod from before the turn of the century? After all, Iro Realm takes place during the same time as Firefly (2015), but in a different dimension. By changing Xesia, not only am I not changing the chronilogical order of my stories, I'm adding a new recurring character for my third and fourth series!
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