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Name: Bookwyrm
Nickname: Booker
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn (Stubby horn ;v; )
Talent: Reading/Researching/Things library-related

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Personality traits: Studious, Independent, Melancholy, Friendly, Generous, Thoughtful, Tactful, Respectful, Caring

Likes: Dislikes:
Physical contact Being completely alone (But he's used to it ;v; )
Books Extreme temperatures
Reading Loud noises
Researching Movies/TV/Videogames (He just doesn't get the point)
Stormy weather Begin made fun of
Hot drinks Swimming (//doesntknowhow)

Is good at: Is bad at:
Reading Anything involving athletics
Comprehension Cooking
Researching Handywork
Understanding others' emotions Speaking

Bad eyesight (He needs glasses but doesn't like them)
Social Anxiety Disorder
Speech impediment (He tends to stutter A LOT)
Prone to Panic Attacks
I know he has a lot of shit wrong. But don't mistake him for a Gary-Stu, I mean, there is reason he has most of these. He spent his childhood being bullied and he practically killed his own parents. ._.

Other small details:
Bookwyrm is really into mythology, especially Northern European. He is also very interested in Geography and other universes. One of his favorite things to research and study is humans.

Bookwrym grew up in a family of scholars, philosophers, and alchemists; but he wasn't always as introverted as he is. Bookwyrm, of Booker for short, was born with an abnormally small horn, multi-coloured eyes, and the body build of your average mare. At first, his parents felt horrible for their son's deformity, as they were at fault for continuing to practice alchemy while Booker's mother was pregnant; nonetheless, they loved and cherished him, and didn't raise him any differently than your average family. Booker was a happy young colt who loved to explore and make friends and practice alchemy with his mother.

Bookywrym's life took a turn for the worst; as one day, while he was practicing alchemy together with his mother, he made a mistake. This mistake started the fire that burned down his home and killed his parents; Booker barely got out alive himself. The poor, young colt felt scared, alone, and guilty. He was soon found by royal guards who placed him in a small, crowded orphanage in the outskirts of a lsrge city. It didn't get any better there; all the other fillies and colts constantly made fun of his stubby horn, oddly-coloured eyes and body build. It didn't take long for Booker to completely isolate himself. And the bullying followed him to school as well. The young colt couldn't make any friends while he was in school, as they always ignored him or bullied him. He chose to continue to isolate himself, often spending recess and lunch hours in the library. Booker even spent the majority of his time in the town's library before and after school as well.

Booker loved to read; it was his passion; his escape from reality. Booker was happy with the books, always putting one down, then reaching for another. It wasn't long before every librarian in town knew and greeted him by name. When Booker was old enough, he moved out of the orphanage, and into a small flat in the inner streets of the city; as close to the library as possible. He was even able to get a job. The day he was hired was also the day he received his cutie mark.

But no, Booker didn't stop there. He eventually moved to a smaller town. Yes, Booker was happy with his books, and his job, but not his life; he still didn't have any friends. And as most people back in the city still looked down upon him, Bookwyrm took it upon himself to pack his few possessions and head down to hunt for his new home in a town instead of a city. Here, Bookwrym was warmly welcomed; these friendly ponies has brought a smile to his face; his first smile since his parents died. It was at that very moment that Bookwrym knew where he belonged.

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