Apollo, mother-uckas Picture

"Hawkeye? never heard of him."

"What can I say? I'm a natural."

"The last person who challenged me to an archery competition started an internet meme."

"Oh don't mind me, I'm just looking for the sucker who's going to come second place..."

"I got an arrow for you right here *gives offender the bird*"

"I'm not bragging, I'm just right"

"Race... life's a race... and I'm gonna win... yes I'm gonna win."

"I didn't get respect just because of who I was, I got respect for what I did... and truth be told who wouldn't respect you after you save the world?"

"Sisters of fate my arse, we're not puppets, and I AM CERTAINLY not going to have my destiny determined by a piece of fabric"

Apollo, the god of the sun, archery, prophecy, music and medicine. Raised by a group of hippie warriors with his twin sister Artemis; Apollo grew to love music, and above all archery. When he grew up, Apollo became a bachelor of sorts, with a lady always on his arm. It was only when he was older that Apollo wanted to start a band, and went out to looking for members. His first member was his cousin, Clio; who specialised in the bass; next his cyborg friend, Theseus who specialised in drums, and finally his pianist and guitarist; Perseus... When he's not at band practise he's either saving the world, at a party performing CPR, or meditating.
Apollo, while competitive, is also a good sport, but loves stir up people, much like his pal Hermes. He's always looking out for his friends, especially his half- brother Perseus, due to them having certain things in common. However, Apollo has a knack for holding personal grudges, especially against those who have insulted or have injured a friend.

Powers: creation and manipulation of fire, enhanced senses, manipulation of gravity, sound, healing factor, plague, can predict the future (seconds, minutes, months).

I kind of thought of Apollo having a Muhammed Ali kind of personality mixed with some Bono and Matthew Bellamy.

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