AC-D Raziya Al Gyasi Picture

Name: Raziya Al Gyasi
Nicknames: Raz
Gender: female
Age: 22
Height: 5'1
Eye color: smoky brown? xD
Hair color: black
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Birth place: Alexandria, Egypt
Siblings: None known of.

Rank: Recluta

HP: 3 (+0)
STR: 3 (+0)
DEF: 5 (+0)
DEX: 3 (+0)
AGI: 6 (+0)

Equipment: Training Weapon
Storage: none

Current Florins: none
Total Florins: none

Likes: quiet, golden objects, night, heights, fruits, fire, candles, fabrics (cotton), studying, history, mythology, flowers, tree climbing, deserts, alcohol,

Dislikes: most people, cold, sudden loud noises, tea, deep water, boats,

Personality: Quiet, most of the time proper, she’ll call anyone ma’am, sir, etc if she does not know them. Kind, welcoming towards people that want her attention. She always try to help people if they need it. Dosent take to kindly to stealing, or rude people, that’s when she’ll get a attitude and tell them to leave. Observant, always checking her surroundings and the people in them.

Biography: Raziya grew up in, with her mother, father and grandfather. Her parents owned a small farm, which produced cotton. Her grandfather was a merchant, selling all and any items he got ahold of. While her parents worked on the farm, Raziya would go with her grandfather, who would tell her stories of the Assassins and Templars. While the years passed, raziya would accompany her grandfather on business trips, learning the ways of a sales man, and seeing more of Egypt. He would tell her more and more about assassins, saying how one day, she could possibly become an assassin like her grandfather and past ancestors. Once her father heard about her grandfather telling her things about the assassins, he instantly tried everything to have her stay away from her grandfather, since he did not want her following the assassin ways and possibly being killed. But that did not work out so well, a few days after, she was given a pair of assassins robes, and was told about the botherhood in Italy. With that, she snuck onto cargo that was heading towards Italy.

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