Dr Julien Aztecs Over Time Picture

Just your normal 3 year old really full of energy and life, his parents just got married (wedlock).

His uncle gives him this amazing book on old mythology and he first discovers the Titans.

His uncle finally passes away and leaves him a enormous sum of money, he's depressed about this and uses all his time to study and becomes extremely intelligent but anti social at the same time

Gone to and expensive college all his uncle money is now his, MUCH more social and is king of the campus, he dies his hair with black streaks, but hides his genius very well. He meet's Anthony Broderick (Dr. B) and they become close friends both working on the Titan project together.

They are offered a chance to work for Lennox Corp. and to present their Titan's project. After Anthony parents are killed he and Julian spend the night togather and things happen, once wakening Julian runs out of him and starts to avoid him. They are both given the job at Lennox Corp but Juilen will not speak with Anthony now.

His streaks start to fade and his normal hair is growing out, he now wants to be called Dr A. He grows more cold and distant form Anthony and tries to get him removed from the project. Anthony allows D-J to escape, this places Dr A in change of the project, little by little he makes himself more robotic.

Current (85)
Fully cyborg and discharged from Lennox Corp but still continues his own experiments with his new partner Lars. Now he knows about the new Titans and is furious with Dr B and swears to have revenge on him for it.

This is all based off an rp with KP explain Dr A and B's pasts

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