Art Project Picture

It's large.

I rarely post art class projects in devArt, mostly because this is a happy place. But alas, I was proud enough of my latest project to share it!

The project was to create concept art for a story (bonus points if the story revolved around one of the 3 ancient cultures we studied.) I chose Greek mythology, because I've always loved it (And I wanted bonus points). I decided to focus in on the Minotaur (I'm still pretty sure I'm spelling that wrong, but too lazy to google.) The story is all about him, and the Labyrinth at Crete, and his relationship with the eccentric, murderous inventor Daedalus (Who may very well be the best character ever)

My concept art is the Minotaur standing in front of his labyrinth, which has been reduced to ruins. There's probably a million and one anatomical mistakes I made with his body, but it's not bad for something I did completely without reference. I like the 2 statues behind him, and the mountain in the background, but I hate most everything else (Especially his crapy foreshortened arm, and the weak arm thats just kinda hanging there). I scanned this before coloring it, just so I had a nice copy somewhere in case I royally fucked up (We had to use colored pencils). The coloring came out okay, but I had to hand it in, and my colored pencil scans always come out like crap, anyway.

This isn't the best I could possibly do, but it's one of my pieces with more effort. I'm looking forward to critique and criticism, please dont hold back. This is a school project, so I'd enjoy some extra critique.
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