Recovering Mjolnir Picture

So I've had the... well... not time, but inclination to do some not-for-the comic art lately and thought I might as well upload it somewhere. This was done for the February Freebie contest over on the DAZ forums, where the idea is to use as many free items (and as few paid) as possible. The theme was "What's Love Got To Do With It?" I'm not sure what kind of twisted mind sees that theme and thinks of Norse mythology, but... well, I am sure. Mine. Apparently.

For those not familiar with the story, this is a reference to Thrym the frost giant’s theft of Mjolnir. Naturally, Loki figures the whole thing out while Thor is still wondering if he left his unstoppable warhammer in his other pair of pants, and discovers that Thrym will only give up the hammer if Freya, the goddess of love, will marry him. Freya is not keen, so Loki comes up with Plan B: send Thor to Thrym dressed as Freya, which is why you should never let Loki be in charge of coming up with Plan B unless you are a fan of a) humiliation or b) crossdressing. Thor isn’t particularly, but he can’t come up with anything better, so off he goes to Jötunheim in a dress and veil with Loki disguised as his handmaiden.

There are a few rough spots when they get to Jötunheim as questions arise about why the bride has just drunk three casks of mead and why the bride is glaring at everyone like she wants to smite them with a great bloody warhammer, but fortunately, Loki the Explainer can Explain Everything, and things progress smoothly to the point where Thrym places Mjolnir in his bride’s hand. At which point Thor brings the house down around their ears and goes running back to Asgard as fast as his delicately-clad legs can carry him, with Loki following behind and, presumably, laughing his ass off the whole way.

You can see the 3D credits for the scene in the contest gallery. It got an honorable mention, which was nice.
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