Event Horizon Picture

Nothing, not even light, gets past.

There's a place not too far from where I know
It's a hidden land, known only as the valley of the shadows
I was told in my youngest years that I should never go
And I believe there's a place like that, not far from where you know

Will there ever be a place for me again?
If only I could find the pieces of my broken life to mend
And when I came across this hole in time I never meant to spend
Will I find my way back home from here?

In my dreams, I have traveled far away
To a colder land, where the sun reflects the nature of our ways
And in time, we will seek a balm to cure us of this blaze
Oh necessity, give us hope again, and guide us all our days

We are broken in a world of night
Let it go, let my soul take flight
As it is written on the banks of sand
I will fear no evil from the wicked land ""

- Valley of the Shadows by Wolfgun

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